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Welcome to our Club!


Service Above Self

We meet Mondays at 6:15 PM
Woodmark Hotel
1200 Carillon Point
Kirkland, WA  98033
United States
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For information on our club please contact:
Joanne Primavera

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Home Page Stories

John Pruitt called the meeting to order at 6:30.
Jason Overleese was the greeter, and Carl Boruck led the pledge of allegiance.
Guests/Visiting Rotarians
*Todd Morton visited us from the Bellevue Rotary Club. He attended the Everett Silvertips game with us a while back, and works in Human Resources.
*Pam Going was a guest of Jim Going.
*Assistant Governor for 5030 Son Michael Pham visited us from the University District Club. They meet at the Seattle Yacht Club (and John Pruitt was quick to point out that they pay $25 for lunch.)
*8/26 at 5PM at Hector’s: New member drive event + happy hour. The more the merrier!
*9/1: No meeting due to the holiday.
*9/8 at 6PM: Salmon bake at the Bergdahl’s.
*9/13 6-8PM: Autumn beer and wine tasting at Total Wine in Bellevue. $10/head.
*10/11: Rotary First Harvest and Bunco
Scott Becker gave an update on the Duck Dash
*$36,000 in ticket receipts/sales so far (this number does not include sponsorship dollars)
Top Sellers
Ernie Norehad $2,995
Bill Woods $2,175
Scott Becker $2,135
John Pruitt $1,665
Anne Hamilton $1,605
Brett Johnson $1,500
Rick Ostrander $1,095
A big thank you to all Rotarians and guests who worked so hard to make this a great event!
8/13 Rotary Board Meeting
*Minutes are coming soon.
Dave DeBois gave a recap of the 8/18 golf tournament at Bear Creek (Editor’s/scribe’s note: We should have the tournament every year at Bear Creek! Course is fantastic, and they take good care of us.)
*A team of non-Rotarians won.
*Normally there is debate for who should be the recipient of the infamous monkey trophy, but this year there was a landslide/”lifetime achievement” award winner – Patti Smith. Patti knocked Anne Hamilton down with her golf card….and then ran over her. Anne has a broken foot.
Great Puget Sound Duck Dash 2014
Winners Report
First Place Prize: $1000
Name: Eleanor Cohon
Second Place Prize: $1000
Name: James Nevers
Third Place Prize: $1000
Name: Robert Comfeld
Fourth Place Prize: $1000
Name: Steve Shinstrom
Fifth Place Prize: $1000
Name: Tiffany Wissner
Sixth Place Prize: 10 Sessions Personal Trainer -Totally Sound Fitness
Name: Richard Rekdal
Seventh Place Prize: 1 Night Woodmark, Dinner for 2 Bin on the Lake
Name: Lloyd Stambaugh
Eighth Place Prize: Gift Certificate from Ace Frames
Name: Diana Lanspa
Ninth Place Prize: 1 Night at Heathman
Name: Jennifer Porter
Tenth Place Prize: Childrens Bike Courtesy Dr. Kilburn, Kirkland Pediatrics
Name: Louis Melendez
Eleventh Place Prize: Salmon Feed for 10 from Tim's Seafood
Name: Brian Tucker
Twelfth Place Prize: Mo. Wine Tasting for 2 for a Year fm Grape Choice
Name: Mike Tinsley
Thirteenth Place Prize: Fena Flowers Gift Certificate
Name: Peggy Castleberry
Fourteenth Place Gift Certificate to Ristorante Paradiso
Name: Colleen Campo-White
Fifteenth Place Gift Certificate to Ristorante Paradiso
Name: Maureen Stolte


The meeting of the Rotary Club of Kirkland, Washington commenced at 6:30 pm by President John Pruitt.  Jim Going led the club in the Pledge of Allegiance.

One guest, Loretta Marks the 90 year old mother of Rich Bergdahl was introduced by her son.

Announcements included: The Kirkland Down Town Rotary Club is holding a blood drive at Park Place July 29th between 9 and 3.

Scott Becker gave a Duck Dash update as follows: Only 5-6 more selling days left with three shifts on Saturday and Sunday this upcoming weekend at QFC. The team competition is going down to the wire with Dr. Norehead's team holding a slight lead of $3,730 to Scott Becker's close second place of $3,650. Next Monday night is the duck branding party at Lee Johnson Chevrolet at 6:00PM Bring all your family help and have fun.

On 9/13 the club will have a beer and wine tasting party at Total Wine in Bellevue from 6-8:00PM. Its a Husky game and a $10.00 per head entry fee will be charged.

The club has supported the KITH organization and their annual fund raiser is coming up on October the 4th, Patti Smith reported to be held at the Mercer Island Event Center. The participation fee is $125.00 and Patti will try to organize a Rotary table for the event. KITH provides housing assistance for the homeless in our community.

Steve Shinstrom announced that the annual Kirkland Rotary Bunko night will be hosted by the Shinstrom's on October 11th.

The annual Kirkland Salmon Bake will be hosted at the Bergdahl home on September 8th. Rich Bergdahl gave a special thanks to Bob Cohen for organizing the Rotary picnic at Everest Park.

The Club Board meeting will be held August 13th and President John Pruit suggested that more people should get involved in committee efforts to get more service out of self.

President-Elect Rich Bergdahl called the meeting to order at 6:30 p.m. after a great tasting, ham and rice dinner.
Bob Auslander introduced his wife, Gayle; Dave DeBois introduced his guest, Laura Loomis; I introduced Seattle 4 club member Doug Seto and Friends of Youth executive director, Terry Pottmeyer and Jason Overleese introduced his guest, Susan LeMaire, who will be helping to put together a Kirkland Rotary poker tournament.
We called Terry Pottmeyer to the front of the room to present her with a check for $2,000, payable to Friends of Youth. Terry gave us an update on the build-out of the Friends of Youth campus, including that of seven group homes, four of which have been completed. Our donation will be put to work, very well.
Rick Ostrander announced that we will soon have a calendar showing the year’s events planned for our club.
Joanne Primavera announced several upcoming events such as the golf tournament on 8/18, at Bear Creek Country Club. Eric Olsen has been working hard to put this together. He said there will be a car from Lee Johnson given to anyone who hits a hole-in-one, raffles for everyone, as well as lunch and dinner. The club picnic will be held at Everest Park, on July 21st and Bob Cohon is chairing this event. We’ll have a Happy Hour on August 26th, at Hectors. Invite your friends and prospective members. AND the Salmon Bake will be held at Rich Bergdahl’s home, September 9th.
Rick announced that invoices have been sent. If yours has not arrived then he probably does not have your correct address.
Duck Dash Standings:
Ernie: $1,950
Bill; $1,585
Earnie’s: $3,730
Bill’s: $2,835,
Scott’s: $3,575
John’s: $ 740
Jason introduced tonight’s speaker, Marla Beck. Marla is president of AndelCare, Inc, an award-winning home care service company for the elderly.
Marla discussed the dangers and pitfalls of the home care industry and said that it is practically a buyer-beware situation, as there are many disreputable agencies where fraud is a daily occurrence. Between 2010 and 2030, 20% of the population will be over age 65 but Baby Boomers will be the healthiest and wealthiest seniors that there has ever been. But when the need for care arrives, the elderly fear the loss of independence more than death. The need to have discussions about health directives, long-term care solutions and to make sure legal documents are in order is extremely important. Signs that an elderly person needs help are when memory issues show up, they are less active, there are mood changes and when post-it notes start showing up around the house. When choosing elder care, make sure private care givers are checked out, thoroughly. Hiring an in-home elder care agency is probably the most secure as they are bonded and insured and the most professional.
The meeting was adjourned at 7:45 p.m.
Your scribe for the night: Scott Becker

The Kirkland Rotary Club meeting of July 7, 2014 at 6:30 p.m. and was led by President, John Pruitt.
Just before the meeting started, Anne presented an overview of her Facebook page for the Rotary Club of Kirkland Duck Race.  Duckie has just flown in to town and is practicing to win the race.  Duckie is consulting with our sponsors to give him tips on how to win.    
Dan Bartel gave an overview of Rotary First Harvest.  Please put October 11, January 10, and March 14 on your calendars to participate sorting the fruits and vegetables gathered by Rotary First Harvest at the Northwest Harvest facility in Kent.
Visiting Rotarians:
Scott East is a semi-regular visiting Rotarian.  Scott is an attorney and is also a semi-regular member from the Bellevue Tuesday noon club.
Tom Callahan made up from the Mercer Island Club.  Tom’s classification is Chocolates.
Rick Walter introduced Ben Premack.  Ben is an attorney and has been proposed to be a member of the club and Rick is his sponsor.
On Wednesday, July 9, 2014, the Board approved Ben as a member.  This is a notice to the club of Ben’s application.  If there are any comments, please call John Pruitt.
Angela Marks brought Paula Antone to the club to check us out.
Anne Hamilton brought Simer Salusa.  Simer also works at Microsoft.


Sep 01, 2014
No Meeting at Woodmark
Labor Day Holiday
Sep 08, 2014
Jamie Rawson
Carnegie Institute
Sep 08, 2014
Sep 15, 2014
John Enger
Rotary District Govenor
Sep 29, 2014
Dave Rader
President Roosevelt Discussion
Oct 13, 2014
Ralph Berthon
Camp Prime
Oct 20, 2014
Dave Rader
Theodore Roosevelt


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