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We meet Mondays at 6:15 PM
Woodmark Hotel
1200 Carillon Point
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United States
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Joanne Primavera

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The June 22, 2015 meeting of Kirkland Rotary Club was called to order by President Elect Rich Bergdahl, standing in for President John Pruitt missing his penultimate and pre-transition meeting at 6:30PM thanking Megan Nakanishi for being greeter, Rick Walter for running the front desk and yours truly for being the scribe for the night.  Harry Wagoner led us in the pledge.  Our guests tonight were Sally Otten of the Kirkland Parks Foundation, Athini and Froni  Mangoras of Georges Restaurant, and Scott East (Bellevue Rotarian). Our inspirational moment were several reports from members attending or watching the US Open in Tacoma.  Comments on the appearance of the site were mixed but a good time was had by all.


Chief Eric Olson  reminded us of the club golf tournament on July 27th with only slots for four foursomes left. Scott Becker gave a Duck dash update with a request for signups and team lists on each table.  Team leader Bill Woods announced his regret that he was opposed by team leader Megan Nakanishi, his very own granddaughter.  Dr. Bob Webb made a pitch for sales efforts to raise money for Rotary projects, good fellowship and to promote the club’s good reputation in the community.  Joanne Primavera gave a Shelter Box update. Sally Otten, guest and short program speaker  (or announcer)gave a report for the Kirkland Parks Foundation joint community project commitments with the City of Kirkland ($50,000) Rotary Club of Kirkland ($50,000)and Kirkland parks Foundation ($25,000 and almost there) for completing the $125,000 Waverly Park Community site.  Next week (7/29) is the annual transition dinner starting at 5:30 for socials followed by a meeting and ending in some mysterious hideaway in the Woodmark.  How late?  No-one would admit.


John Pruitt started the meeting at 6:30



Mogan  - Neighbor of Scott Rethke

Pete – Prsopective new member from Joanne

Merilee Dicks – Spouse of Don Dicks

Bob Brohagan – Former Rotarian from VT.

Sam Chughtai – Friend of Jason O.

Glenn Bowers – Friend of Jason O.

Cheryl Fergusson – Speaker handler

Vince Ball – Nytek General Manager of Innovation

Rich Lerz – Friend of Jason O.

Doug Sato – Seattle 4 rotarian


Al Hoviland – Pledge


Bob Cohon – Rotary Minute


Gary Bruner – Spoke about the Rotary Peace Scholarship and Introduced 3 members for their Paul Harris Award

Jim Feak – received Paul Harris Pin with 3 Rubies

Alice Volpe – Received Paul Harris with 2 Rubies

Scott Rethke – Received his first Paul Harris Award Pin



Scott Rethke – July 13th Meeting at Chainline Brewery for prospective members

Joanne Primavera - $100 minimum credit Card limit for Duck Tickets

Scott Becker – Sign up sheets for Duck Dash Sales, and Teams to be Emailed

Steve Shinstrom – Scribes and Greeters

Patti Smith – Shirt orders

John Pruitt – Reminder for Board Meeting 6.16 and Transition Dinner 6.29


Speaker – Devin Liddell – Teague consultancy – 3 futures of the automobile


Your scribe for an evening Jason Overleese




John Pruitt called the June 8, 2015 Rotary Club of Kirkland meeting to order at 6:30 and welcomed the guests.  We didn't have a pledge tonight - but the Rotary Minute Question:


For the Rotary Minute -Question. What makes our Rotary Club of Kirkland Exceptional? – here are some of the shout outs. Duck Dash, Miracle League, People, Salmon Bake, Bunko, Monday Nights, the Pledge, Beautiful Venue.


Rick Walters - took role for the attendance at the party, which was above the predicted forecast of people by 20%



·         Rich Berghdal introduced his wife Nannette

·         Ben Premack introduced Trevor McCann

·         Harry introduced his wife of 14 months

·         Scott introduced his neighbor Mohgan

·         Dan Dix introduced Bride Shirley

·         Steve Shinstrom introduced his wife Patty

·         John introduced his wife Janet



Miracle League - Rick commented on the last miracle league game, with the Mariners Moose showing up - and already looking forward to next season.  John commented that it was nice to do a JV with the other Kirkland Club


Rich - commented on the  planning retreat with the new board last weekend.  Asked the current board members to continue on if they would like because the club has been running really well.  The Retreat was held at the Market Street , and they opened it up for the meeting in the morning


Anne Hamilton - commented on the LWIT dinner that was prepared for Rotary , and thanked James Nevers for planning and setting up a great event.


Ben Premack commented on the Face Book page that he has up and running. He asks that people send pictures to him for posting on the Face Book page.

President John called the June 1, 2015 Kirkland Rotary meeting to order at 6:30 PM. 
Jason's daughter, Makana Halley, led us in the Pledge of Allegiance.
Samir Saluja shared his background and how it lead to his joining Rotary.  During college years he was in the Peace Corps in Brazil and Bolivia.  With this awareness of other countries he was moved toward support of foreign peoples.  Then, working for Microsoft, he wanted more involvement with his community.  The interest in international people and his local community brought him to Rotary.  Isn't Kirkland Rotary fortunate!
Ernie then added religious impact with a story of three men of cloth converting a Grizzly.
VISITING ROTARIANS AND GUESTS; Thomas Parkinson, CEO of Best Communications Group, is our speaker this evening.  Jason Overleese brought his 9 year old daughter Makana Halley.  Both these guests had a major part of the evening.
Rotary Meeting Minutes March 18, 2015
The meeting was called to order by President John Pruitt at 6:30PM.
The Greeter was Dave Aubry; Bob Norman led us in the Pledge of Allegiance.
Joanne Primavera reminded us that the Kirkland Rotary Auction will be Sunday, May 31.  Sign up, bring money, and donate items to be auctioned.  There will be three different causes where the money will go; the Club will decide at the Auction on the proportion to go to each cause.
Guest introductions: Scott Wedeland and Aimee Hern.
Visiting Rotarian – Allan Glickman from the Portland, OR, New Generation Club.
Our Student of the Month Tor Jensen, who will give his talk this evening, was accompanied by his Father Eric, Mother Erica, and Stepmother Regina.
The Kirkland Rotary Club meeting of May 4, 2015 began at 6:30 p.m. and was led by President, John Pruitt   Bob Webb led the pledge.
Rotary Minute: 
Ernie Norehad asked club members to identify the location of the headquarters for Rotary International.  After many fumbles, the correct city and state were identified: Evanston, Illinois.  He asked the address:  1560 Sherman Ave. (named after General Sherman).  Ernie said he used to drive by the Rotary International Headquarters on his way to church (long before he became a Rotarian) and always thought the three story Rotary headquarters building was very impressive.
Gail Brilling, the wife of our speaker, Steve Brilling (and a former Rotarian, herself). 
Herb and JoAnn (Jo) Stier – this was Herb’s last night as a guest.  Jo brought her very well behaved little dog, Missy.
Nan Bergdahl
Judy Kuntz, a guest of Scott Becker (who wasn’t there) to look over our club.
Student of the Month
Tor Jensen, student of the month from Lake Washington High School.  Tor is going to Hawaii Pacific next year, majoring in International Business and Baseball.  Tor chose Hawaii Pacific because his grandparents have a place there, they have a terrific baseball team, and he is interested in going into business.  Tor plays in the outfield for LWHS.
Meeting opening at 6:30 led by President John Pruitt, Pledge led by Doug
Dan Bartell, Rotary First Harvest
·         Grant of $10K from WA Dept of Agriculture to purchase food
·         Work parties are 3x a year on the 2nd Saturday
·         We’ve had too much corn and carrots, so we traded them for tomatoes and potatoes
·         As a club, we donate $1k a year to Rotary First Harvest
·         Erica, guest of Eric Olsen
·         Bud, from the University Club
·         David, friend of Dave D.
·         Doug, because for some reason he doesn’t have his own badge yet
JoAnne, Foundation Auction
·         We need volunteers to help with setup at 5:00
·         Auction begins at 6:00 on the 31st at The Kirkland Women’s Club
Jason, Facebook page for Kirkland Rotary
·         Ben Premack has volunteered to manage our new club Facebook page
·         Send your event information and pictures to him
Wavery Beach Park Shelter, Patti
·         Mike had to miss our Monday meeting because he was representing us there
·         We are up to 25% of our goal and the total estimate for installation is down $20K
Miracle League
·         Last Saturday, the Pi Kaps fraternity from UW joined us
·         Held at Perrigo park in Redmond on Saturday from 9:45 to 11:00
Scott Becker, question on donations
·         Called a special meeting of the board after the conclusion of the club meeting, John Pruitt assented
Gary Bruner, Foundation
·         Presented Paul Harris Fellowships to
o   Anne Hamilton, Paul Harris +4
o   Dave Dubois, Paul Harris inductee
o   Bob Auslander, Paul Harris +2
o   Bill Woods, Paul Harris +4
Dave Aubrey led Happy Dollars, everyone is very happy. Especially Steve Shinstrom.
Guest Speaker, Kevin Gilbert, photographer

Here is link to scholarship night photos.  What a great night.



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