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Rotary Club of Kirkland
Monday, April 14, 2014 Meeting
President Scott Rethke called the meeting to order at 6:30 PM.  Rick Walters led us in the Pledge.
Guests included Doug Seto from Seattle #4, and Ivyanne Smith our Student of the Month from Lake Washington High School.  Ivyanne explained the Military routine the Lake Washington Dance/Drill Team performed on March 29th that won the State Dance Championship for the second year in a row.
Steve Shinstrom needs scribes and greeters for the next few weeks.  Sign-up sheets were passed around.
Eric Olsen announced the Golf Tournament will be held on August 18.  The cost will be around $100 (same as last year) and this includes the round of golf with a cart, food and other goodies.  There is room for 17 foursomes, so get your team together and polish up the clubs.
President Scott thanked Rich and Nan Bergdahl for recently hosting a new member’s party at their home.  Lots of wine, food and fellowship were had by all attending.
President Scott informed us of Chuck Brockway’s passing last Thursday.  Services will be held on Saturday, April 26, at 1:30 at the Spirit Lutheran Church (corner of 100 Ave NE and NE 124th in Juanita).
Scott Becker will host an open house this Thursday, April 17, at OPUS Bank.  Please attend and help Scott out since he’ll probably be fined for “advertising.”  Scott also announced that sponsorships for the Duck Dash have exceeded last year’s amount!
John Pruett had sign-up sheets on the tables for all the committees needed for his presidency next year.  If you didn’t sign up last night, get in touch with John and volunteer to help in some capacity.
Scribe for Spokesman from April 7, 2014
This evening was a social meeting to watch the final NCAA basketball game to determine this year's national champion.  There was very little business other than the game in which Univ. Connecticut beat Kentucky in a close game.
The little business was as follows:
VISITING ROTARIANS AND GUESTS  Christine Rose, a member of Bellevue Breakfast Club joined us.  Christine lives and works in Kirkland.  Our Student of the Month, Ivyanne Smith from Lake Washington High School was present.  And Anna Aubry accompanied husband David.
  • Unfortunately, Pat Swenson had an accident and broke bones in both arms.  Joanne Primavera circulated a get well card.
  • Scott Becker has been scoping options for our annual Christmas Party.  There were several options on the Christmas Ships this year on December 6.  Those present preferred an evening on the Argossy leaving from the Kirkland Dock at 3:30 PM and returning about 6 PM.
PROGRAM  As above, the program was the basketball game.  It ended about 8 PM
 Respectfully submitted (although very late)         Bob Webb      Scribe for the day

March 31, 2014
President Scott Rethke called the March 31, 2014 Rotary Meeting to order at 6:32pm and graciously thanked the scribe, John Pruitt and the greeter, Dave Aubry for their service.  Jim Feek led the Pledge of Allegiance.
Guests included visiting Rotarians Dan Moody and Alice Smith, from the Leavenworth Rotary Club.  Casey Oiness was a returning guest.  Heidi Corry accompanied our speaker, Heidi HawkinsManon Debuire, our student of the month from Lake Washington High School introduced her dad, Loren Debuire.
  • Terry Cole announced that he was now a married man and would be honeymooning in Scottsdale for the next several weeks!
  • Patty Sims announced the start of Miracle League.  The games will be on Saturdays from 9:30a to 11:30a on the following dates:  4/26, 5/03, 5/10, 5/17, 5/31 and 6/07.  Please contact Patty and sign up to participate!
  • Scott Becker gave a Duck Dash update announcing that he has secured $19,500 in sponsorship funds.  Help Scott reach the $25,000 sponsorship goal by referring potential sponsors to him!  He also announced that we will be trying to get the GIANT QUACKY for our Duck Dash…yes, the World’s Largest Yellow Rubber Duck that is 65 feet tall and weighs 1,100 pounds.
  • Anne Hamilton presented Ernie Norehad, Scott Becker and Jim Feek their Paul Harris Fellow recognition pins.  Ernie, Scott and Jim all have multiple Paul Harris Fellow recognitions.  The presentation of Paul Harris Fellow recognition pins is The Rotary Foundation's way of expressing its appreciation for a substantial contribution to its many programs.
  • Scott Rethke reminded us that the next Rotary meeting [April 7th] would be the NCAA Finals Watch Party.  The tip off is scheduled for 6:10pm.  Bring potential new members, family & friends to the event.   
The Kirkland Rotary Club meeting of  March 24, 2014  began at 6:30 p.m. and was led by President, Scott Rethke. 
Pledge:  Jerry Campo
Inspiration:  Scott said you should be inspired after watching “Shark Tank” on ABC, Friday nights at 9:00 p.m. Shark Tank embodies people trying to live the American Dream of inventing things and selling them.
Visiting Rotarians:
Sam Myoda, Seattle 4, Microbiologist, visited for the second time
Student of the Month:  Manon Debuire, LWHS, visited for the fourth time.  Both her younger brothers are very active in soccer and play in leagues that travel all over the United States.  Manon will give her talk next week.
Barb Seaton thanked everyone who attended last Saturday night’s Kirkland Rotary Foundation Auction.  Over $6,000 was raised to benefit the Cascadia Foundation Scholarship Fund.  It was debatable whether Mike Hunter or Dave Aubrey purchased the most items, but Rick Walter suggested he also might be in the running.  Special thanks were given to Anne Hamilton, who created a very interesting “unauction” that raised over $600.
Jerry Campo will continue to collect $16 from those who went to the hockey game and hadn’t paid him.
Rotary meeting minutes  3/17/2014
It is St Patrick’s Day!  [Unfortunately, that means corned beef and cabbage for dinner – your humble scribe abstained.]
Brian Tucker was our greeter
President Scott Rethke called the meeting to order at 6:30 PM.
Mike Hunter led us all in the Pledge of Allegiance.
President Scott reminded us all to pay for our attendance at the upcoming Kirkland Rotary Foundation dinner and auction this coming Saturday, March 22.  The cost is $22 per person.
Student of the Month Manon Debuire from Lake Washington High School.  She recently received an award for a pottery sculpture she created.
Angela Pepke, back again.
Visiting Rotarians:
Doug Seto from Seattle 4 – his 4th or 5th visit.
New Rotarian Sam Myoda, also of Seattle 4.
Scott East of the Bellevue Club, a repeat visitor.
Mike Hunter reminded everyone that Jerry Campo will be collecting next week for the tickets to last weekend’s Everett Silvertips hockey game.  Everyone had a great time.
John Pruitt announced that he recently hosted a club Past Presidents meeting yesterday.  The meeting was held to help prepare him for his upcoming term as Club President.  He was advised to get well-organized and to have a good Board.
Bill Taylor announced that today was the 28th anniversary of his joining the club.  He said his uncle tried for 20 years to get him to join, before he actually did.
Rick Ostrander spoke about a past custom of Club meetings, that of having a ‘Rotary Minute’, in which an interesting fact about Rotary is discussed.  He noted that there is an article in a recent issue of the Rotary magazine about the new President of Rotary International, Gary C. K. Huang, from Taiwan.  His goal is to add 50,000 new Rotarians this year.  As part of that effort, he would like to see Rotary reestablished in China.  He believes also that Rotary has not promoted itself enough, especially regarding the work it does. [eds. note: AMEN]
Rick Walter did ‘Happy Dollars’.
Jason Overleese introduced our speaker Sara Paul of the American Cancer Society, who spoke on the history of the ACS and on its fund raiser, the Relay for Life.
Ms. Paul spoke about why she chose a career with the American Cancer Society.  She was diagnosed with a rare cancer at the age of three; after chemo, radiation, and surgery, she was cured.  The drugs she was treated with were developed with financing from ACS.
She spoke about the work done by ACS in the fields of research, education, and advocacy.  Their fund-raising effort is called ‘Relay for Life’.  The American Cancer Society was founded in 1913 – at that time cancer was not spoken of, and a diagnosis of cancer was considered a death sentence.   Ms. walked us through the growth of ACS’ efforts in fundraising, which led to the development of increasingly effective treatments.  Tests were developed to detect early cancers.  Knowledge was gained as to the various factors that increase cancer risks.
‘Relay for Life’ began in the 1980s – it is now the most successful non-profit fundraiser in history.  Ms. Paul’s theme is that one person can make a big difference.  Many of the steps forward in cancer prevention, treatment, diagnosis, and fundraising are because of the ideas and efforts of single individuals.
President Scott had the correct ticket but failed to draw the Joker.  The $10 he received and the ‘Happy Dollars’ went to Ms. Paul for ACS.
Meeting Adjourned at 7:35 PM.
Respectfully submitted
David Aubry
Acting Scribe.

President Scott Rethke called the meeting to order at 6:30 PM.  Jim Going led us in the Pledge and Ernie Norehad inspired us with some “Casey Stengelisms.”
Guests included Angela Pepka, guest of Anne Hamilton & Scott Becker, and Manon Debuire, our Student of the Month from Lake Washington High School.
John Pruitt gave us an overview of the PETS conference for incoming Rotary Presidents that he attended a few weeks ago.  John was inspired by the presentations and interesting people there. He even sat next to the incoming International President!  The motto for the new International President is “Light up Rotary.”
Barb Seaton once again confirmed that the Kirkland Rotary Foundation Auction will be on March 22nd at the Women’s Club.  Sign up to bring items and/or a dessert.  Joanne Primavera is donating 10 bags of cookies and a cooking demonstration as part of the auction.  Eric Olson explained that the donated “Police Party” is meant for little kids’ and not for adults!
Rick Ostrander desperately needs all Duck Adoption tickets from last year, so check in your desk, in the closet or other dark place for those tickets!
Scott Becker said sponsors for the Duck Dash are still needed.
President Scott said the dinner arrangements before next week’s Hockey game in Everett on March 15 will be forthcoming later this week.  There are quite a few restaurants near the Hockey Arena.
Mike Hunter thanked everyone who came to the First Harvest/Northwest Harvest work day last Saturday.  Workers included Dan Bartel, Joanne Primavera, Tim & Barb Seaton, Bob Cohon, Dave DeBois, Dave & Anna Aubry, and yours truly.  Rolled oats and beans were packaged into bags and boxes and are now ready for shipment to the food banks.      
Rotary Minutes for Mar 3, 2014
Meeting was started at 6:35 by President Scooter Rethke.
Pledge was led by Jim Going.
Greeters were Angela Marks, Harry Wagoner and Dave ‘Cal’ Aubry.
Mike Hunter introduced our Student of the Month Manon Debuire from LWHS.  Manon was born in France and moved to the US in 6th grade.  She competes in gymnastics, with LWHS finishing 6th in the recent state meet.
Scott Becker introduced Sarah Rosenberger of Cobalt Mortgage, a guest of Scott Rethke.
Dave Aubry announced the Annual Kirkland Rotary Foundation Auction, March 22nd, 6:00-9:00 at the Kirkland Women’s Center.  Please contact Barb Seaton if you have items to donate.
Mike Hunter announced the Rotary First Harvest work party on Saturday, March 8th.  Meet at the Houghton Park and Ride at 8:00 AM.  The event is 9:00-11:30, then those interested can meet for lunch after.
Jason Overleese announced interviews for Kirkland Rotary Scholarships start this week.  Brandon Honcoop stated he will be at LWHS Wed, March 12, 1-3 PM.  We had numerous volunteers.
Dave of the woods announced we have purchased 82 pairs of shoes for $1000 for the Eastside Baby Corner.  Attaway Dave!
Scott Becker is still procuring Duck Dash sponsorships.  We have to date $18,000, with $25,000 the goal.  Race day is Aug 10, 2014.
Jerry Campo announced ‘Hockey Night in Everett’ (no Dave, not Hockey night in Canada) with the Silvertips is Saturday, March 15th at 7:05 PM.  The plan is to meet at a nearby restaurant/bar at 5:00 PM, then proceed on to Comcast Arena.  We currently have 27 signed up.  Cost is $16 pp.  Deadline for tickets is Tuesday, March 4th.  Contact Jerry Campo.
Steve Shinstrom sent around the signup sheets for Scribes and greeters.  PLEASE HELP OUT!!!


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