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Service Above Self

We meet Mondays at 6:15 PM
Woodmark Hotel
1200 Carillon Point
Kirkland, WA  98033
United States
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Joanne Primavera

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President-Elect Rich Bergdahl called the meeting to order at 6:30 p.m. after a great tasting, ham and rice dinner.
Bob Auslander introduced his wife, Gayle; Dave DeBois introduced his guest, Laura Loomis; I introduced Seattle 4 club member Doug Seto and Friends of Youth executive director, Terry Pottmeyer and Jason Overleese introduced his guest, Susan LeMaire, who will be helping to put together a Kirkland Rotary poker tournament.
We called Terry Pottmeyer to the front of the room to present her with a check for $2,000, payable to Friends of Youth. Terry gave us an update on the build-out of the Friends of Youth campus, including that of seven group homes, four of which have been completed. Our donation will be put to work, very well.
Rick Ostrander announced that we will soon have a calendar showing the year’s events planned for our club.
Joanne Primavera announced several upcoming events such as the golf tournament on 8/18, at Bear Creek Country Club. Eric Olsen has been working hard to put this together. He said there will be a car from Lee Johnson given to anyone who hits a hole-in-one, raffles for everyone, as well as lunch and dinner. The club picnic will be held at Everest Park, on July 21st and Bob Cohon is chairing this event. We’ll have a Happy Hour on August 26th, at Hectors. Invite your friends and prospective members. AND the Salmon Bake will be held at Rich Bergdahl’s home, September 9th.
Rick announced that invoices have been sent. If yours has not arrived then he probably does not have your correct address.
Duck Dash Standings:
Ernie: $1,950
Bill; $1,585
Earnie’s: $3,730
Bill’s: $2,835,
Scott’s: $3,575
John’s: $ 740
Jason introduced tonight’s speaker, Marla Beck. Marla is president of AndelCare, Inc, an award-winning home care service company for the elderly.
Marla discussed the dangers and pitfalls of the home care industry and said that it is practically a buyer-beware situation, as there are many disreputable agencies where fraud is a daily occurrence. Between 2010 and 2030, 20% of the population will be over age 65 but Baby Boomers will be the healthiest and wealthiest seniors that there has ever been. But when the need for care arrives, the elderly fear the loss of independence more than death. The need to have discussions about health directives, long-term care solutions and to make sure legal documents are in order is extremely important. Signs that an elderly person needs help are when memory issues show up, they are less active, there are mood changes and when post-it notes start showing up around the house. When choosing elder care, make sure private care givers are checked out, thoroughly. Hiring an in-home elder care agency is probably the most secure as they are bonded and insured and the most professional.
The meeting was adjourned at 7:45 p.m.
Your scribe for the night: Scott Becker

The Kirkland Rotary Club meeting of July 7, 2014 at 6:30 p.m. and was led by President, John Pruitt.
Just before the meeting started, Anne presented an overview of her Facebook page for the Rotary Club of Kirkland Duck Race.  Duckie has just flown in to town and is practicing to win the race.  Duckie is consulting with our sponsors to give him tips on how to win.    
Dan Bartel gave an overview of Rotary First Harvest.  Please put October 11, January 10, and March 14 on your calendars to participate sorting the fruits and vegetables gathered by Rotary First Harvest at the Northwest Harvest facility in Kent.
Visiting Rotarians:
Scott East is a semi-regular visiting Rotarian.  Scott is an attorney and is also a semi-regular member from the Bellevue Tuesday noon club.
Tom Callahan made up from the Mercer Island Club.  Tom’s classification is Chocolates.
Rick Walter introduced Ben Premack.  Ben is an attorney and has been proposed to be a member of the club and Rick is his sponsor.
On Wednesday, July 9, 2014, the Board approved Ben as a member.  This is a notice to the club of Ben’s application.  If there are any comments, please call John Pruitt.
Angela Marks brought Paula Antone to the club to check us out.
Anne Hamilton brought Simer Salusa.  Simer also works at Microsoft.
President Scott Rethke called the June 23, 2014 Kirkland Rotary Meeting to order at or around 6:30. Lots of greeters helping tonight. Jason Overleese let us in the pledge.
Guests in attendance were our speaker from a few weeks ago Dr. Michael Woo and our speaker for th evening Benjamin Monti.
  • Steve needs scribes and greeters and will have updated list at next meeting.
  • Scott Becker is doing a bang up job as our head duck. Most things are on track as we get ready for race day. Bill Woods received a gift card for being first to turn in most ducky sales. Way to go Bill!!!
  • 8/4 is Branding Party at Lee Johnson Chevrolet.
  • Bob Cohn is on 4th of July Parade patrol and more info to follow for marchers, cars etc.
  • Chief Olson reminded everyone about family picnic in the park at the Kirkland Rotary Pavilion at Everest Park. Start time is around 5:30 with more details on cost etc to follow.
  • Next Monday is our Transition Dinner as we welcome incoming President John Pruitt and his merry board. Reminder to all Paul Harris fellows to wear you pins
  • Rick Walter announced there will be a dues increase in the coming year as we are under the surrounding area and in trying to keep dinner costs in check with lower than average attendance it was felt by the board that better to raise dues instead of increasing dinner cost. We have a contract obligation of 30 for dinner each week and lately have not been getting the necessary attendance.
Rick then continued on his joking ways and extracted many a happy buck from the membership.
Scribe for Spokesman from June 16, 2014
It was the annual event,  Duck Dash Kick Off.  Like others it was at the Wilde Rover.  SUMMERFEST IS THE WEEKEND OF AUGUST 8-10 WITH GREAT PUGET DUCK RACE ON THE 10TH!!!   ONLY EIGHT WEEKS AWAY!  The meeting program was completely different from the usual meeting and the business part was very short.  I'd estimate there were 50 of us present.  We had many spouses, significant others, and friends at the meeting; sorry I can't be more specific without leaving folks out.  A good time was had by all with much mixing, catching up with friends who hadn't seen each other for a while, etc..
      President Scott Rethke started the meeting about 6:15 by welcoming us all and introducing the star of the show, HEAD DUCK - SCOTT BECKER.
     Scott thanked his committee for their work so far including , Joanne Primavera, John Pruitt, Al Hoviland, Alice Volpe, Jason Overleese, Scott and Anne Rethke, Anne Hamilton, Rick Ostrander, Patti Smith and myself.  Anne Hamilton is handling the social media aspect of the duck Dash Al Hoviland, Jason Overleese and James Nevers will be coordinating Race Day and Mike Hunter and Rick Ostrander will be setting up and manning the  tent on Race Day. I'll be coordinating setup and sign up of ticket sales venues with Jason's help.  Scott also outlined ticket sales management and sales locations as below:
     Rick Ostrander again is managing the tickets and has $500 worth of tickets in an envelope for each of us.  If you don't have yours contact Rick.  The goal is for each of us to sell at least $500 worth.  Turn in money and ticket stubs in the proper envelopes to Patti Smith who will turn money for banking to Joanne Primavera.
     Ticket sales will start this week at Kirkland's QFC.  Signups were circulated and this Sunday is now full.  We will be selling at the Kirkland Farmers Market on Wednesday afternoons and QFC on Sundays for the next 4 weeks.  After that both weekend days are planned for QFC.  The Lake Washington High School Drill Team will again be selling on Saturdays for the next month.  A number of other locations are anticipated.
     Please sign up when you would like to sell on line with Scott or at Monday night meetings.  We are entirely open for Wednesday June 25 and Sunday June 29.
The dinner buffet was excellent including meatloaf and sausages, mashed potatoes, asparagus, and several cookie options for dessert.  The meeting broke up about 7:30.
 Respectfully submitted,                               Bob Webb      Scribe for the day

President Scott Rethke called the June 9, 2014 Kirkland Rotary meeting to order at 6:34p.m.  Jim Going led the Pledge of Allegiance, Carl Borak was the greeter, Scott Becker manned the front desk and Rich Bergdahl gave an inspirational moment recognizing Bill Wood’s military service during World War II.
Visitors & Visiting Rotarians:  Our visiting Rotarian was Doug Seto from the Seattle 4 club.  Visitors included Gail Auslander (guest/spouse of Bob Auslander), Karen Dunn (guest of _______), Loretta Marsh Brown (guest and mother of Rich Bergdahl), and our very own Tyson.  President Scott welcomed Al Hoviland and Alice Volpe back from their extended time in Kauai.
Rotary Minutes June 2, 2014
35 happy Rotarians (and a couple of old grumps – you know who you are) convened Monday evening for the Rotary Club of Kirkland's June 2, 2014 meeting.  Our Greeter was Shellie Gehring, who did an “ok” job.  (I told her if she would buy me a glass of wine I would give her a good report.  But she didn’t … so I won’t.  After Jerry Campo led us in the Pledge, President Scott Rethke welcomed Ben (attorney, guest, prospective member) back once again.
  • He then reminded us that the Duck Dash Kickoff will be at the Wilde Rover on June 16th, starting at 6:00pm.  For those interested, the drinking will begin earlier than that.
  • Scott Becker announced that he has already lined up $22,000 in Duck Dash sponsorships, and could easily be talked into accepting more.
  • Joanne Primavera announced that there will be a number of upcoming club social events, which will be announced soon.  Please contact her if you have any suggestions.
  • Chief Eric Olsen then talked about the opening of the new police facilities at the location of the former Costco Furniture Outlet, and generously offered to host a club meeting/dinner some evening, including a tour.  Sounds like a much better deal than the last time your Scribe “toured” a police facility.
  • Chief Olsen also announced that there are four foursomes left for our annual golf tournament at Bear Creek Country Club.  Also, he is collecting “goodie bag” stuff, so if you can get some give-away items please see Eric.
  • President Elect John Pruitt the upcoming New Officer/Committee Chairperson orientation.  All are of course welcome to attend.
  • Patty Sims noted that this coming Saturday is the last Miracle League game.  Volunteers are still needed.  As has been the tradition, the day will feature a BBQ, trophies, and a visit from the Mariner Moose.
Rick Walter then wandered about the room, extorting funds at will.
Our program for the evening was a chance to get to know a couple of our members better.  First, Casey Oiness talked about being a life-long Eastsider, having been born at Overlake Hospital, attending local schools, and getting his degree in Business/Finance from Seattle Pacific Univ.  Casey loves to travel, Norway and Costa Rica being two recent favorites.  Casey is a mortgage specialist with Cobalt Mortgage.
Next, Jason Overleese talked about growing up in the Houghton area, then getting his degree in International Finance from Western Washington Univ. before beginning his “career in drinking” as a representative for Budweiser.  Jason is very recently engaged, and makes his living in financial services.
Finally, and thankfully, the joker remains in the deck.
Terry Cole, Scribe de Jour



Jul 28, 2014
Senator Andy Hill
Current State of the Legislation
Jul 28, 2014
Senator Any Hill
Current State of the Legislation
Aug 04, 2014
No Meeting at Woodmark
Duck Branding Party - Lee Johnson
Aug 11, 2014
No Meeting at Woodmark
Post Duck Dash hang over... Day off...
Aug 18, 2014
No Meeting at Woodmark
Golf Tournament at Bear Creek
Aug 25, 2014
Cristine Morris
Sharp Business Systems - Technology in the workplace - are you working for your equipment?
Sep 01, 2014
No Meeting at Woodmark
Labor Day Holiday
Sep 08, 2014
Jamie Rawson
Carnegie Institute
Sep 15, 2014
John Enger
Rotary District Govenor
Sep 29, 2014
Dave Rader
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