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Service Above Self

We meet Mondays at 6:15 PM
Woodmark Hotel
1200 Carillon Point
Kirkland, WA  98033
United States
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Joanne Primavera

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Rotary Club of Kirkland
Monday, January 12, 2015 Meeting
President John Pruitt called the meeting to order at 6:30 PM.  Patti Smith led us in the Pledge.
Anne Hamilton inspired us with a story of how older and younger generations should relate to each other more so the wisdom is shared.
Visiting Rotarians:  Todd Morton, Bellevue Club, and George Anderson from Palestine, TX
Steve Saunders, a chiropractor, visiting us for the third time.
Casey Harder, Student of the Month from Juanita High School
Janet Pruitt, Gerard* & Carol Kern, wife and guests of John Pruitt
Veronica Paige, Makana & Luke, guests of Jason Overleese
Colt Jance, grandnephew of Al Hoviland and Alice Volpe
Bethany Honcoop (Age 3), daughter of Brandon and a delight to have with us!
*Gerard started a 60-piece wind band (no strings) a while ago and their next performance is February 21st at the Shorewood Performing Arts Center in North Seattle.  Check it out!
Rick Ostrander asked for volunteers on January 19th for a day of service at Everest Park eliminating invasive species (ivy and blackberries).  Wear appropriate clothes and bring water & snacks.  Tools and training will be provided.  Youth volunteers age 14-17 attending without a parent or guardian must have a signed waiver.  Go to for the waiver and to register for this volunteer event on MLK Day.  Rick asks that you Register by Wednesday, January 14th.
Dave DeBois thanked everyone for helping last Saturday at the First Harvest event at Northwest Harvest.  Apples and rice were processed and the Club had 15 people there.  Dave quoted large figures for the number of apples (40,000 lbs) and rice (11,000 bags) processed.
Dan Bartel announced the visit to the Museum of History and Industry (MOHAI) this Saturday, January 17th from 3:30 to 5:00 PM.  After the museum tour we’ll go out to dinner at a nearby restaurant.  The entry fee will be $14.  Please bring cash or a check to pay the entry fee.
John Pruitt stated there will be no meeting next Monday evening, January 19th in honor of Martin Luther King Day.  However, there will be a Board Meeting this Wednesday, January 14th  at Rich Bergdahl’s office and you are invited.  Just let John know you will attend.
Scott Becker announced the launch of the Duck Race for this year!  A meeting will be held at 5:00 PM on January 26th, so please come early before the regular meeting to learn what’s going to happen this year with our Racing Ducks.
Dan Bartel introduced Shawn O’Donnell, our Magician for the evening.  Shawn is a member of the Port Gardner Rotary Club in Everett, and he owns two restaurants; both named “Shawn O’Donnell’s American Grill & Irish Pub.”  One is in Everett and the other is in the Smith Tower in downtown Seattle.
Shawn amazed us all with his magic tricks.  From making soft balls disappear (and reappear) to lengthening and shortening ropes, to knowing what card was in our Student of the Month’s pocket.
Excellent program for our Kids’ Night, thanks Shawn!
President John adjourned the meeting at 7:25 PM.
Submitted by Mike Hunter, Scribe for the Week

Rotary meeting minutes 1/5/2015
We had no Greeter this evening.  [Easy job – sign up all you people!]
President John Pruitt called us to order at 6:30PM.
Rick Ostrander led us in the Pledge.
Inspirational Minute: Terry Cole related that he had had a phone call from a client saying that something had happened that was going to change their relationship.  Apparently the client had just won the Lottery!
Introductions:  Guests: DV Hurst introduced George Anderson from Palestine, TX, who just moved here.  He was a Rotarian in Texas.
Elizabeth Rusnak introduced Casey Harder, our Student of the Month from Juanita High School.
Visiting Rotarians:  Rick Ostrander introduced Doug Sato, again, from Seattle 4.
  • Dan Bartel reminded us about the scheduled Northwest harvest work party this Saturday morning, January 10.  For those wanting to car pool, meet at 8AM at the Houghton Park and Ride near the NE 70th exit on 405.
  • Dan also reminded us that the next meeting on Monday the 12th is Bring-Your-Kids.  Kids’ dinner will be $15, and there will a magician present at the meeting. 
  • Saturday, January 17th, is a club tour of MOHAI.  Bring cash or a check for $14/person.  This tour will be followed by a casual dinner out.
  • In February, the Club will once again hold its famous ‘Sweethearts Night’ in honor of Valentine’s Day.  Veal Parmagiana and pasta will be served
  • Joanne Primavera passed around sympathy cards to be signed for Bill Taylor’s grandson, Steve Shinstrom’s mother, and for Sandy Ekins, Past President of this Club, whose husband died.
  • Joanne also passed out wallet cards for us to use to help interest potential new club members.
  • President John reminded us that there will be a Club Board meeting January 6 – please RSVP and bring $10 for dinner [wine included!]
  • President John acknowledged all his Club Chairs and asked for a round of applause.
  • Buck Alboucq has died – he was Club Treasurer for 15 years.  A memorial service will be coming up.
*** Steve Shinstrom's Mother passed away peacefully on December 4th.  There will be a celebration of her life for those wanting to attend at Inglewood Golf & CC Friday Jan, 16 starting at 2:00pm.  She was a major Seahawks and Husky fan so folks are encouraged to wear Seahawks or Huskies clothing to honor her.***
Jason Overleese introduced our speaker Bob (R.K.) Bennett.  He has written a book for CEOs’ on the subject of Achieving a Sustainable Competitive Advantage (SCA), titled ‘The Playbook for the CEO’.  Mr. Bennett spoke about Strategic Alignment throughout an organization as a means of achieving an SCA.  An SCA consistently achieved leads to higher margins than most competitors.  His book is designed to allow companies to achieve this in an organized way. 
The Seven Guiding Principles of Top Organizations:
  1.  Keep central focus on customers’ needs.
  2. Pick the right customers.
  3. Differentiate how the company will serve the recognized needs of specific customers.
  4. Develop and promulgate prioritized values.
  5. All actions, decisions, etc. are to be in alignment with the central focus of customer service.
  6. Went so fast, I missed the last two
  7. Buy the book and see what they are.
Mr. Bennett discussed the symptoms of misalignment in an organization, such as internal conflict, customer complaints, variance in agendas  in the organization, poor employee morale, a focus on internal issues, etc.
The emphasis must be on the customer and his/her needs.  Remember – be selective when taking on customers – cannot be all things to all people.
The Mission Statement is important – should be about 1-1/2 pages in length.
The organization needs to differentiate – know and understand its customers on a continuous basis.
The customer must recognize this differentiation as having real value.
Success leads to high margins and customer loyalty.
Alignment is a process – organizations are either moving towards or away from perfect alignment.
Joker Pool – there are 17 cards remaining in the deck.  There is over $1000 in the pot.  Rick Walter had the winning ticket but…. Not the Joker.  Everyone better come next week and try for the big jackpot.
There will be no meeting February 19 – Martin Luther King, Jr. Day
Meeting Adjourned at about 7:26 PM.
Respectfully submitted
David Aubry
Acting Scribe.

Minutes of December 1, 2014 Rotary Meeting
The meeting was called to order by President John Pruitt-an unusually boisterous group was present and required multiple bell chimes to quiet down
The “mystery scribe” was identified as yours truly, Robert Cohon.
Visitors and Guests
The following visiting guests were introduced:
Eric Saunders of Kirkland Chiropractic
“Father” Ernie Norehad, who shared the story of “The Wizard Under The Sheets”
The Kirkland Rotary Club meeting of November 24, 2014 began at 6:30 p.m. and was led by President, John Pruitt.  
The Pledge was led by Ernie Norehad.
Dan Bartell talked about the First Thanksgiving in 1621.  In 1863, President Lincoln made Thanksgiving a National Holiday after reading a letter from Sara Josepha Hale who had long advocated having a National Thanksgiving Day.
  Dan also reminded us to give Christmas gift cards from Rotary First Harvest to friends, family, and business associates.
Sandy and Rick Ryan, parents of our Student of the Month, Celina Ryan.
H Bondar, husband of our speaker, NJ Shelsby.
Student of the Month:
Celina Ryan goes to Juanita High.  Celina said she started her school years as a soccer player.  She was selected for the Juanita High Varsity team in her freshman year, but tore her ACL and meniscus.  It was repaired twice and she is still able to play soccer.
Celina said her injury started her involvement with other clubs and activities at Juanita and helped make her the person she is today.  The injury really forced her to get to know others.  She is on the School Council, is very involved in Rebel Day when they clean up the campus, and loves to work with special needs students.
Celina thanked the members of the club for choosing her as student of the month.


Feb 02, 2015
The Reid Group
Managing Business and Family Conflict
Feb 09, 2015
Anne Hamilton & Richard McClurg
Valentines Day Program-
Feb 23, 2015
Craig Rhyne
Retirement in Ecuador
Mar 02, 2015
Jerry Miner - Comedian
Membership Open House
Mar 09, 2015
Kurt Tripplet - Kirkland City Manager
State of the City and update on Kirkland projects


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