A Rotarian who contributes or in whose name is contributed a gift of $1,000 or more to the Annual Fund, PolioPlus, or an approved Foundation grant may become a Paul Harris Fellow.  Each new Paul Harris Fellow receives a commemorative certificate, a Paul Harris Fellow pin, and a medallion.
Donors are eligible for Paul Harris Fellow Recognition when their cumulative giving reaches $1,000.  For additional gifts totaling $1,000 or more to the Annual Fund, PolioPlus, or an approved Foundation grant, a Paul Harris Fellow is recognized as a Multiple Paul Harris Fellow.  A Rotarian may also choose to honor someone else as a Paul Harris Fellow with his or her Foundation Recognition Points, formerly called “available credit,” and can become eligible to receive a Multiple Paul Harris Fellow pin with additional stones.
Help support the educational and humanitarian programs of the Foundation by making a gift to The Rotary Foundation Annual Fund today.  Simply complete the Recognition and Contribution form and mail it to the Rotary Club of Kirkland with a check, or The Rotary Foundation, 14280 Collections Center Drive, Chicago, IL 60693.  To find out how much one needs to contribute to become a Paul Harris Fellow or to reach the next level of Multiple Paul Harris Fellow recognition, contact a Donor Services Representative.
Frequently Asked Questions
Q: What types of contributions are eligible for Paul Harris Fellow and Multiple Paul Harris Fellow Recognition?
A: All contributions to the Annual Fund, PolioPlus, or an approved Foundation grant are eligible.
Q: Can a business or organization be a Paul Harris Fellow?
A: No. Occasionally, a donor contributes $1,000 and wishes to recognize a business or organization.  In these instances, since Paul Harris Fellow recognition can only be presented to individuals, a Certificate of Appreciation is given instead. 
Q: Can I name someone else as a Paul Harris Fellow?
A: Yes. There are two ways to do this.  Make a contribution of $1,000 and ask that the recognition be awarded to another person.  Or, contribute Recognition Points to another person.  Recognition Points are accumulated when a Paul Harris Fellow makes a contribution to the Annual Fund, PolioPlus, or an approved Foundation grant.  At the same time that the donor’s recognition level increases through this gift, he or she also accrues Recognition Points that may be transferred to other donors’ accounts.  If 1,000 Recognition Points are transferred to one person, that individual becomes a Paul Harris Fellow.  The Recognition Points can also be split between multiple accounts.  For example, if 1,000 Recognition Points were divided equally between two people who had now previously contributed to the Foundation, each of those individuals would need to contribute only an additional $500 to become Paul Harris Fellows.
Recognition Levels
Recognition levels are determined based on the following guidelines:


Recognition Total

Pin Level

$2,000 to 2,999.99

one sapphire

3,000 to 3,999.99

two sapphires

4,000 to 4,999.99

three sapphires

5,000 to 5,999.99

four sapphires

6,000 to 6,999.99

five sapphires

7,000 to 7,999.99

one ruby

8,000 to 8,999.99

two rubies

9,000 to 9,999.99

three rubies


Rotarians may access individual Paul Harris Fellow information at the following website address: Please note that creating or using a My account is necessary to access the data