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Sincere Thanks to Our Contributors of 2011-2012 !

As of June 25, 2012, 78.5% of our members have donated to The Rotary Foundation a total of almost $14.000 for the fiscal year.

Thank you to David Aubrey, Dan Bartel, Scott Becker, Rich Bergdahl, Carl Boruck, Chuck Brockway, Gary Bruner, Jerry Campo, Doug Carter, Terry Cole, Vicki Cooley, Harry Cummings, David Debois, Donald Dicks, Pat Dye, Jim Feek, Cynthia Fitzgerald, Mekonnen Giorgis, James Going, Sue Greenfeld, Anne Hamilton, Ken Hollingsworth, Brandon Honcoop, Al Hoviland, Mike Hunter, D V Hurst, Katherine Kehrli, Rachel Knight, Diana Lanspa, Chris Morgan, Megan Nakanishi, Ernie Norehad, Bob Norman, Eric Olsen, Dwight Olson, Rick Ostrander, Makaylaa Powers, Joanne Primavera, John Pruitt, Gary Redfern, Rick Rekdal, Scott Rethke, Chris Rusnak, Elizabeth Rusnak, Barb Seaton, Steve Shinstrom, Patti Smith, Tom Sturgell, Pat Swenson, Bill Taylor, Brian Tucker, Alice Volpe, Rick Walter, Bob Webb, and Bill Woods for your generosity.

If your name doesn't appear and you believe you have given , please contact me at: