Posted by Mike Hunter on Mar 27, 2019
Rotary Club of Kirkland
Monday, March 25, 2019 Meeting
President Rick Walter called the meeting to order at 6:30 PM.  Monica Fritita led us in the Pledge.  After some boating and Game Warden humor, guests were introduced.
Lily Laursen, Student of the Month from Lake Washington High School
Ross & Dana Laursen, parents of Lily Laursen
Erin Crouch, guest from the Port Townsend Rotary Club
Rotary Moment
President Rick informed us that in 1910, William Stewart Morrow moved to Ireland and was instrumental in starting Rotary Clubs there and in England.
Student of the Month
Lily Laursen gave us a wonderful summary of her life and ambitions for the future.  This young lady has made efforts to stop bullying in her school, including a pledge from students last October to combat bullying in all its forms.  She loves to organize people to accomplish things, even as a child growing up.  She is going to the Colorado School of Mines in the fall and hopes to become a chemical engineer.
We wish you all the best Lily.  Thank you for being a wonderful Student of the Month and a fine example of the young people in our community.
  • Scott Becker is recovering from a fall, so keep him in your thoughts.
  • Terri Ebert had everyone download the “Bloodworks” app on their cell phones and explained how to volunteer to give blood on April 8th at St. John’s Church, or volunteer to greet and handout cookies and juice.  This is a District wide effort and there are many other locations to give blood during April as shown in the app.
  • Amy told us Bunco will be on Saturday, April 27th and golf is planned for Monday, May 10th.
President Rick introduced Tina Mankowski and Fran Kwak from Harborview Hospital.  We learned a lot about Harborview from the presentation.  Besides being a Level 1 Trauma and burn hospital, Harborview also helps Aids/HIV patients, rehabilitations, neurosciences, strokes, etc.
Harborview was founded in 1877 and moved to its current location in 1931.  The hospital is owned by King County and is managed by the University of Washington.
Airlift Northwest was founded in 1982 and with fixed wing aircraft and helicopters can transport critical patients from Alaska, Idaho, Montana and of course within our state.  Airlift Northwest transports 1500 patients a year on average.
Medic One also compliments the hospital.  Created in the late 60’s, this effort has resulted in Seattle having a very high survival rate from heart attacks.
Thank you, Tina and Fran, for an informative and enjoyable program on Harborview Hospital!
President Rick adjourned the meeting at 7:30 PM.
Submitted by Mike Hunter, Scribe for the Week