Rotarians, your dues statement for the new Rotary year are coming your way at the end of this month.  You’ll notice two significant differences in your statement this year.  First is the format and how you will be able to pay online.  Second is some changes in dues amounts driven primarily by changes in district and national charges.
Our club is moving to the online dues feature that is built into our ClubRunner system.  That means our dues statements will come from ClubRunner this year.  Your dues statement will be sent to you in an email, similar to how you receive meeting announcements and our club bulletin, the Spokesman.
In addition to online dues billing, the club is implementing ClubRunner’s online payments and donations feature.  This means that you’ll be able to pay your dues with a credit card through the Rotary Club of Kirkland website.  You’ll also be able make donations, like Happy Bucks, through the online system once it is activated.  Rotarians may still make payments and contributions by check or cash.
In 2020-21, there are some changes in dues amounts driven primarily by changes in district and national charges.  In addition, our board of directors voted to change the “Every Rotarian Every Year” optional contribution to $25.  Your dues bill of $325 will display the components listed below.
If you are not regularly receiving the Spokesman, or the club meeting emails, and you would appreciate some assistance ensuring the dues and billing system can reach your email inbox, please contact Steve Shinstrom or Gary Cohn for support.  If you want to receive a paper copy of your dues statement, send Gary a note before June 30.
Rotary International Annual Dues:$69.00
Rotary District 5030 Annual Dues:
Rotary Club of Kirkland Annual Dues:$185.00
Rotarian Magazine Annual Subscription:$12.00
Rotary International Every Rotarian Every Year Contribution:$25