On January 3, the Rotary Club of Kirkland held its first hands-on community service event of 2023, and one of the first such events since COVID-19 disrupted everyone's ability to gather and contribute our labors to the community. Ten Rotarians worked diligently from 10 a.m. to just past noon sorting and packing packages of donated foodstuffs for distribution to Hopelink's area food banks. Members were so efficient that everything was sorted and packed in an hour, and Hopelink personnel had to set out several more pallets on which the volunteers could work.
Hopelink personnel professed themselves amazed at how efficiently Kirkland Rotarians worked, and expressed a fervid hope that club members would volunteer again. Another work date is in the planning stages, perhaps in the evening when even more Rotarians might be able to participate.  Members and "Members by Marriage" participating included Rick Walter, Joanne Primavera, Rick Ostrander, John Pruitt, Patti Smith, Dave Aubry, Anna Aubry, Jim Meniketti, Doug Evanson, and Don Dicks. Thank you again to all the volunteers for "pitching in".