The Rotary Club of Kirkland held a meeting online on October 11, 2021.

President Dave DeBois rang the bell at 6:20 p.m., calling the club meeting to order. The meeting started a few moments late due to some Zoom technical difficulties.

Patti Smith led the membership in the Pledge of Allegiance.

Attending were George Anderson, David Aubry, Bob Auslander, Gary Cohn, David DeBois, Monica Fratita, Shellie Gehring, Margie Glenn, Brandon Honcoop, Jim Meniketti, Amy Mutal, James Nevers, John Pruitt, Patti Smith, Brian Tucker, Rick Walter, John Woodbery.


There were numerous guests this evening: Jeff Hinds, Harry & Preeti Hinds, and Kim & Kelly O’Brien are relatives of the speaker. Sue Cohn is the spouse of Gary Cohn. Jackson Nevers is the brand new son of James Nevers.


President Dave announced that we are looking at three potential venues for our meetings. The Courtyard by Marriott at Totem Lake, which board members visited about 10 days ago, looks promising. We will probably try meeting and dining there a few times to see how well it works. We are also considering Tech City Bowl, although they have no separate room for us. Additionally, we are considering the Wilde Rover, although staffing issues there would require us to shift to a Wednesday meeting and the cost and location of parking is a concern. We discussed various issues – food, location, meeting day, noise, meeting room, etc. The consensus is we will meet at the Courtyard by Marriott and see how well it works for all concerned.

President Dave called on Amy Mutal to provide an update on Duck Dash revenues. Amy announced that she will be surveying members to determine how many people actually sold Duck Dash tickets to the public. Most winners have been contacted (and the winner list is posted on the club’s website). The Club has postponed a decision on another Legacy Project due to COVID-19. We need to ensure we can continue to raise funds each year for the long term before we commit to a Legacy Project. The information on ticket sales and revenue has been published in the Spokesman.

President Dave reminded members about Bella’s email kicking off the holiday gift program. Members are encouraged to donate to a gift fund.  We are moving ahead on Warm Coats. Please let Bella know about your intent to contribute and/or participate. Donations are being accepted.

Bella also noted that there is a work party at OO Denny Park, to help clear non-native, invasive plants.  Rotarians are encouraged to participate.

Monica Fratita reported on the possibility of a Holiday Party – could such an event be combined with the wrapping of the gifts for John Muir families? Gift wrapping will be December 6 [ed. note: this has been revised to Dec 20].

Happy Bucks:

There were a number of happy Rotarians, including guest Jeff Hinds, the father of our speaker. Rick Walter was happy because he and his wife and some friends went to Coeur d’Alene for the District Conference, even though it had been cancelled. They had a great time. Dave Aubry, Brian Tucker, Dave DeBois, and Monica Fratita also offered short announcements and happy buck contributions.


Gary Cohn introduced our speaker, Emma Lehnhardt, NASA Gateway Program business manager which includes the Artemis Program, designed to return to the moon, and to prepare to go to Mars. She is from Port Angeles, works at the Houston Space Center and is married to an aspiring astronaut. Artemis was the twin sister of Apollo in Greek mythology. The Artemis Program is committed to putting a woman and a person of color, who may be the same person, on the moon.

The Gateway spacecraft is the first step in this process and will eventually orbit the moon as a base for moon exploration, and on a path that will allow observation of the moon’s south pole where it is hoped to find water ice.  Gateway is being built in modules by several U.S. companies, the European Space Agency, and by Japan. We can follow the project on Facebook, Twitter, and on NASA’s website. The foreign contractors are in line to provide astronaut candidates.

Ms. Lehnhardt answered a number of great questions from Rotarians. She spoke at length about the mission to extend our reach into space.

It was a fascinating program.

President Dave described for Emma the club’s donation of 600 lbs. of food in her honor, and offered again the club’s thanks for a superb presentation.

Joker Pool:

There was not a Joker Pool this evening.


President Dave rang the bell at 7:25 p.m. to adjourn the meeting.

Respectfully Submitted

Dave Aubry – Acting Scribe