The Rotary Club of Kirkland held a meeting online on October 4, 2021.

President Dave DeBois rang the bell at 6:15 p.m., calling the club meeting to order.

John Woodbery led the membership in the Pledge of Allegiance.

Attending were George Anderson, David Aubry, Scott Becker, Christine Bell, Rich Bergdahl, Bella Chaffey, Gary Cohn, Matthew Colpitts, David DeBois, Donald Dicks, Monica Fratita, Shellie Gehring, Margie Glenn, Brandon Honcoop, Michael Hunter, Jim Meniketti, Rick Ostrander, Joanne Primavera, John Pruitt, Patti Smith, Bill Taylor, Rick Walter, John Woodbery.


There was one guest in addition to the speaker: Saundra Gregory, with Sound Community Bank, was attending her second meeting and checking out the club for possible membership. Her first visit was at the Duck Branding event, so she should be up to any challenge after that.


President Dave called on Bella Chaffey. Bella told us about the email she sent earlier today reminding us of the upcoming holiday gift drive led by the club’s Community Service Committee. She encouraged everyone to read the email and take advantage of the opportunity to donate funds to this event. (See the related article in today's edition of the Spokesman for more details.) We need to get an idea of how many families we will support. Bella also reported that Warm Coats samples have been ordered – in various colors and sizes. We will get a list of coats needed from John Muir Elementary. Bella also encouraged everyone to donate to the Warm Coats fund.

President Dave called on Mike Hunter who reported on a visit by club board members investigating a new club meeting site at the Courtyard by Marriott Hotel west of Totem Lake. It looks promising. President Dave received information detailing costs at about $32.61 per person for our meal, including everything. He described example dinner menus for the buffet. The estimates assume a 20-person minimum weekly attendance. Information on the potential venue is available in this and the most recent edition of the Spokesman.

President Dave introduced the new members who were attending the meeting this evening: Matt Colpitts, Christine Bell, and Shellie Gehring.

Jim Meniketti shared that the Duck Dash appears to be netting about $33,000 to $34,000 depending on the shipping costs and the remaining donations to be collected. Conversation ensued regarding variation in shipping costs based on where the racing ducks were shipped from and where they have to be shipped when Kirkland’s use is concluded.

Past President James Nevers and wife Jessica are the new, proud parents of a son, born yesterday.

Happy Bucks:

Bob Auslander donated $500 in honor of his recently deceased and beloved wife, Mary Gail Auslander.


Our speaker for the evening is Geoff Nunn, Adjunct Curator for Space History at the Museum of Flight. The Museum of Flight (MOF) is the largest non-profit air and space museum in the world. This is World Space Week, and this month's club program theme is "Space: The Endless Frontier".

Mr. Nunn gave us information on the Perseverance Mars mission, complete with amazing photos. Apparently, there was once running water on Mars. The Rover landed in an ancient lake bed to search for signs of ancient life. Soil samples are being collected and packaged for pickup by a future Mars mission. He gave us lots of fascinating information, including the fact that many of the mission’s hardware items were made in the Puget Sound region. Video of the mission is available online. The mission’s drone helicopter carried pieces of the original Wright Flyer, pieces that had previously traveled with Neal Armstrong to the Moon.

MOF will have a display, starting at the end of October, of full-size models of the current Mars mission. Mr. Nunn discussed current space flights being accomplished by private companies, carrying private citizens. He gave an overview of the development of the program to return to the moon, then to go to Mars. He also showed photos of the original moon surface mapping project, done in the sixties, to locate lunar landing sites.  He discussed the possible future of space travel.

Great Presentation!

President Dave apprised Geoff of a donation of 600 lbs. of food in his honor, and offered again the club’s thanks for a superb presentation.

Joker Pool:

There was not a Joker Pool this evening.


President Dave rang the bell at 7:30 p.m. to adjourn the meeting.

Respectfully Submitted

Dave Aubry – Acting Scribe