The Rotary Club of Kirkland held a meeting at the Lee Johnson Auto Family facility, 11845 NE 85th Street in Kirkland, on September 13, 2021.

President Dave DeBois called the meeting, also known as the Duck Dash Branding Party, to order at 6:00 p.m. Head Duck Amy Mutal led the activities.

In attendance were George Anderson, David Aubry, Bob Auslander, Scott Becker, Rich Bergdahl, Gary Cohn, Terry Cole, David DeBois, Donald Dicks, Monica Fratita, Mekonen Giorgis, Brandon Honcoop, Alan Hoviland, Michael Hunter, Brett Johnson, Jim Meniketti, Amy Mutal, James Nevers, Rick Ostrander, Joanne Primavera, John Pruitt, Steve Shinstrom, Patti Smith, Bill Taylor, Brian Tucker, Alice Volpe, Rick Walter, John Woodbery.
There were numerous prospective members and guests present for the event.
At the gathering, the Duck Dash racing ducks were stripped of prior serial numbers, and new serial numbers were applied (a.k.a. branded) to coincide with the club's ticket sales and race protocol. Once the racing ducks were rebranded, club members gathered for further fellowship over pizza, Joanne Primavera's special cookies, and refreshments.
The meeting adjourned when everyone left for the evening.