The club’s board of directors met on Thursday, September 16, using the Zoom platform. Highlights include a lengthy discussion of the options available for meeting locations, and the potential for improving the club's accessibility to current and new members through moving to a combination of Zoom and activity or event-centered meetings each month. The board discussed the Duck Dash Branding Party at Lee Johnson's and day-of-race operations at Hallmark and extended an earlier board decision to require masks for all attendees, except when eating or drinking. There was a follow-up discussion about the number of Duck Dash tickets being sold and the number of racing ducks that should be branded; and the arrangements to carry off the event with success. The board determined to return to Zoom meetings during the winter, unless a suitable location can be found, and to return board meetings to Zoom through March.
Five potential members were approved for submission to the club membership for acceptance. Three additional prospects who appear to be transfers are also prospects now. The board approved a motion to suspend the red-to-blue badge process until the pandemic subsides, and the membership committee brings an updated set of criteria for qualifying for blue to the board for approval. The board approved the development of an "emeritus" membership category for exceptionally long-time members, and also formed a bylaws review committee to bring updates to the board for consideration.
The treasurer’s report included the imbalance in revenue for August as a result of paying the remaining commitment to the city for the pavilion project, concerns about the cost of the online credit card feature pin ClubRunner, the status of accounts receivable, and the need to bill through ClubRunner for charges that failed to process the night of the installation dinner.

In addition, the board discussed the status of the community service and club service calendars of events, and heard brief reports on international and vocational service progress. The board meeting schedule is published in the club's Calendar, including an individual Zoom link for each meeting for those who want to attend virtually. Rotarians may view this month’s board meeting minutes and those of prior meetings on the Board Minutes page, which requires a log-in. A link also may be found at the bottom of the Spokesman.