Why do veterans need help - Become a Wingman
Dec 14, 2020
Theresa Cheng of Everyone for Veterans
Why do veterans need help - Become a Wingman
Examine the status of veterans after they return home and why the VA cannot do everything for our veterans. Understand the real challenges of veterans as a member of our community. Learn about the creative and fun way Everyone for Veterans enables everyone to help veterans feel at home.
Dr. Theresa Cheng is a Periodontist and a Clinical Assistant Professor at the University of Washington, Department of Periodontics.  She retired from private practice after 30 years and started teaching.
Dr. Cheng grew up in Borneo, Malaysia, the fifth of six children. Looking out for your neighbors and giving back were pretty well ingrained in her upbringing. Dr. Cheng felt very fortunate to be able to improve the lives of others.  Since 2008, Dr. Cheng has provided free dental care to veterans and their families and founded a nonprofit called Everyone For Veterans which connects people and businesses to help veterans, including free dental care, across the country.