Rotary Club of Kirkland

Monday, April 17, 2017 Meeting Minutes

Speakers: Indra and Adrianna winners of Teen CEO, Magic Carrot Candles

Scribe: Amy Mutal



Gale Auslander

Todd- Father of Miracle League participant, Jacob. He shared what a positive impactful Miracle League has had on Jacob and all the other participants. He thanked the Rotary Club for all we do to make it possible and encouraged us to continue to volunteer. “It truly is a miracle”.



Joanne and Patty Sims - Miracle League starts Saturday the 22nd. Looking for volunteers to participate for two hours on Saturday mornings. Sign up on Facebook or Club Runner.

Scott Becker- Thank you for Birthday/Get Well Card. Board meeting reschedule to Wednesday the 19th.

Rick Walter: Duck Dash confirmed August 14th. Please register for 4th of July Parade, need volunteers!

Rick Walter: Happy Dollars!



Indra and Adrianna from Teen CEO, Magic Carrot Candles

1st place winners out of 9 applicants.

Awarded $2,000. Used Honorarium on equipment, buying bulk inventory, product line and marketing.

About Magic Carrot Candles:

Two seventeen-year-old girls from Seattle Washington who love making candles! Their fandom based candles are each carefully matched with the perfect scents for different places and people in books, movies, and the internet. They’re big fans of every product they make, so you can be sure they take special care to make all of our scents perfect!


Meeting adjourned at 7:30pm.