Posted by Elizabeth "DeeDee" Rusnak on May 02, 2018
Meeting Date: Monday, April 30, 2018
The meeting was called to order by Club president, Steve Shinstrom at 6:30 p.m.  The flag salute was led by Joanne Primavera.  Front desk: Rick Ostrander and John Pruitt.
Inspirational Moment: Ernie Norhead shared one of his infamous jokes, and all enjoyed it.
Introduction of Visitors:
Student of the Month: Teresa Trufault of Lake Washington High School
Other Visitors: Dillon Mancey (Teresa’s friend), Lacy Clay (Teresa’s mom), Dave Hofferbert (Teresa’s grandfather), Carol Merry (guest of the speaker), Andy Stark (guest of Megan N.), and Eric & Patty Shinstrom.
Club Announcements:
  1. President Steve announced he and Rick Walter attended District Conference this past weekend at the Tulalip Resort in Marysville. It was another successful conference and Rick mentioned that he was inspired by all that Rotary does. Next year’s conference will be held in Spokane.
  2. John Woodbery asked for members to consider pledging Duck Dash sponsorship money to keep the Duck Dash going.  Donating through the Kirkland Rotary Foundation allows for possible tax deduction.
  3. Ambareen Jaddi announced they had a successful day on Saturday painting the crosses for the cemetery (for Memorial Day).  They’ll need to do one more work party, so stay tuned for the email.
  4. Patti Smith announced another successful day with Miracle League on Saturday, but we REALLY need Rotarians to take time out from their schedule for the next few Saturday’s to be buddies with the kids.
  5. President Steve announced the newly designed golf tournament for this year will be held Monday, May 14th at Flatstick Pub in Kirkland from 4pm to 7pm.  Sign-up through Steve.  Club is covering the cost of pizza and 1st game.  Beverages are no-host.
  6. Joanne Primavera announced our Club project along the Cross Kirkland Corridor at the South Kirkland Park & Ride:  a bench donated by Rotary Club of Kirkland.
  7. Dan Bartel announced that Gary and Ingrid Bruner have officially relocated to Houston, TX. We hope to see them when they visit Washington.
Student of the Month speech:  Teresa did her final wrap-up speech for April. She thanked the club members for having her as Student of the Month. She talked about the positive impact Rotary has had on her, creating awareness of the community service projects we do as a club.
Program Speaker: Paul Brett with CenterCal Properties
Program Topic: Discussion of the progress and future of Village at Totem Lake
About the program:
CenterCal Properties started developing properties in Portland and is now active in 5 states: Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Utah and California. The company has less than 200 employees and their mission is to create environments where people will Live, Work, Shop and Play.  The Village at Totem Lake encompasses 26 acres, and the project is being built in two phases.  Once all is completed, there will be 330,000 square feet of retail, restaurant and shops; 20,000 square feet of office space; 44,000 square feet of theater (8-screens); 850 residential apartments, and ample outdoor walking areas.  There will be a total of 2,792 parking spaces.  Whole Foods is scheduled to open in September.  They couldn’t building underground parking because the water table is 24-inches below the surface. There will be above-ground parking structures.  Trader Joes opened October 20, 2017 and Nordstrom Rack opened shortly after (with The Rack boasting one of its best openings ever). Other stores that are now open: Verizon Store, AT&T, T-Mobile, MOD Pizza, Chipotle, and a couple of banks. CenterCal plans to retain ownership of the project and they do not plan to charge for parking. They also plan to add non-national chain stores to the mix. Discussion and questions were encouraged.
President Steve thanked our guests and SOM, and closed with a fun joke.
The meeting was adjourned at 7:20 p.m.
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