Posted by Dan Bartel on Aug 28, 2017

August 28, 2017 Spokesman

Vice President John Woodbery presiding for President Steve Shinstrom, called the meeting to order at 6:30 PM, and also provided the Rotary Minute about Knowledge, Experience, and Wisdom.


The Pledge of Allegiance was led by Mekonen GiorgisVP John Woodbery thanked Scott Becker and Patty Doherty for staffing the front desk, Dan Bartel for scribing, and Terri Ebert for handling the Joker Pool.


Visiting Rotarians:  Keith Applegate from Springfield Ohio, CPA: Sveehar-Jv, Chamnai Upscale Rotary Club, India, Physician and her husband Umarini Sveedhin who is a Mechanical Engineer.


Guests of Elizabeth Rusnak were Sandra Sea Fisher ( Non-Profits) and her husband Ed Fisher (Project Manager-Construction Engineering for Graham Construction); and  guest of Jim Feek:  Jordan Molla (Advanced Limo USA, Limousine Service).  And Megan Nakanishi grand daughter of Bill Woods is now driving him and potentially coming back.

John Pruitt: Octoberfest  is September 22-24 Friday, Saturday, & Sunday.  Volunteers receive a free T-shirt, event entry, and (I am not supposed to say) all the beer you can drink.  Cross Kirkland Connector Celebration, Sept. 9th:  Six stations along this path with food, music, and games.  Contact John for details.
Brian Tucker: Reminded everyone that this year is The Rotary Club of Kirkland’s 80th Anniversary.
Salmon Bake:  VP John Woodbery thanked Bob and Gail Auslander for hosting the Salmon Bake at their home last Monday evening.  The venue and weather couldn’t have been better.  He also thanked all those that helped make this annual event happen.  Salmon chefs were Terry Cole , Scott Rethke, Brandon Honcoop, Rich Bergdahl, and Dave Debois. And kudos go to VP John Woodbery for his delicious Fire House Salmon Sauce (it almost was called a House Fire Salmon Sauce (you had to be there)
Duck Dash: Another successful year.  Jason Overleese thanked everyone again for the great member’s turnout at this year’s event.  Cleanup was done and beverages were being poured at Wild Rover by 5:00 PM. 
Speaker:  Jason Overleese introduced a substitute Program - TED Talk by Tony Robbins: Why We Do What We Do.
Joker Pool:  was drawn by Alice Volpe but alas, again no Joker was pulled.  Pot keeps growing.
VP John Woodbery closed the meeting with a Thought of the Week on Hypocrisy.
Meeting was adjourned at 7:06 PM