Posted by John Woodbery on Dec 20, 2017
The December 18, 2017 Rotary Club of Kirkland meeting was called to order by President Steve Shinstrom at 6:30 PM, John Pruitt led the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag of the United States.  Thank you Dave Aubrey as Greeter and Rich Bergdahl for managing the front desk.
Guests tonight were  Eric Olsen, former Kirkland Police Chief and club member, Jackie and Raye Phairow, Jackie serving as photographer for the Fred Meyer Rotary gift purchase event Saturday, last; Ambareen Jaddi, prospective member, Claudia Smith visiting Rotarian and Joe Getzendanner, prospective member.
The Christmas shopping event was a spectacular success;  44 kids from 22 families joined us to shop for gifts up to $150.00 each.  Jackie Phairow was given a racing duck, time measuring machine and 600 lbs. of food donated in her name to Rotary First harvest for recognition as official photographer.  Special thanks to Bob and Gail Auslander for their financial contribution for the event and Terry Cole for his masterful arranging with Fred Meyer for a 30% discount to the families and for stepping up and covering the additional amount needed past the Auslander's gracious contribution.  Thanks to David Mutal for his organization efforts and Patti Smith made a special mention of the Sandy Taylor cookies donated for breakfast after shopping.  Thanks to Alice for her decoration contribution. The volunteer chefs, food and package wrappers were spectacular.  The kids, their families  and Rotarians alike had their pictures taken by Jackie Phairow in front of, around or on the knees of Santa  Clause, locally known as Rotarian Dan Bartel.
President Steve reminded the club that the District Conference next year is April 27-28 at a nearby Casino; and that former President John Pruitt's mane has been ensconced on the Rotary announcement bell.
Rick Walter did a marvelous job raising club gifts for the Woodmark dinner staff with happy dollars, detail contributors too numerous to mention.
Further announcements were that Dave DeBoies will present Cots and Cards in January.  No meetings for the next two weeks.
Woodmark staff representatives came in to receive the Happy Hour contribution bundle of cash and received the applause and genuine appreciation of the Club.
Rich Bergdahl for the Rotary Foundation presented a Paul Harris Fellow award to new member and old friend, Gail Auslander.  Gail stated that she has spent years observing others and now is thrilled to be participating as a member.  Rich, in conclusion, stated with a near tear (common for him) how proud he is to be a part of this Rotary Family and announcing that Kirkland Rotary was  #1 in the District Polio Plus contributions to the Rotary Foundation.
Our program on the history of Kirkland was presented by history buff Matt McCauley otherwise known as "Mr. History of Kirkland".  His collection of ancient photographs and verbal "painting" of how in effect service above self is not limited to Kirkland Rotary Club but Kirkland founders also.  From the homesteaders on 160 acres each to developers and entrepreneurs in good times and bad to the marvelous buildings and community we now enjoy, the history of Peter Kirk and others can now be really more appreciated.  Many struggled with the 1893 economic collapse and saw that Peter Kirk's original dream was not fulfilled  but the American spirit made Kirkland Great Again, to borrow a sometime popular slogan even today.  Living here and being a part of the Rotary Community that the struggles and sufferings of our historical precedents made possible, is truly a memory and joy to experience.
The meeting was adjourned by President Steve sounding the newly ensconced Rotary Bell at about 8:30 PM.
John E. Woodbery
3 Proposed Members - Sponsored by Amy Mutal
1.  Ambareen Jaddi -  Software Engineer
2.  Joe Getzendanner - Insurance - Benefits
3.  Kay Griffith - Real Estate