Posted by David Aubry on Feb 03, 2017
Rotary Meeting Minutes January 30, 2017. The meeting was called to order by President Pro-Tem Steve Shinstrom at 6:30PM.
Brandon Honcoop led us in the Pledge of Allegiance.
Thanks to Teri Ekert for manning the front desk.
Dr. Ernie Norehad regaled us with a humorous minute.
Visitors and Introductions:
  • Isabella Forsini, our student of the Month from Juanita High School was again here, this time with her mother Angela.  Meg Lewis, Math teacher at Juanita High School was also a guest.  Since the holiday caused her to have a short stay with us, she’ll be back next month also.
  • Rick Walter introduced his wife Stephanie.
  • Shellie Gehring, a former member was here, thinking about re-joining Rotary.
  • Kari Nicole, who I believe works with our Speaker for the evening, was introduced.
  • Scott East, Visiting Rotarian from Bellevue was with us again.

Summerfest will be the second weekend of August, with the Duck Dash.
Steve Shinstrom announced his Board again, with a change from last week, which your humble Scribe failed to record.  It was moved an approved by those in attendance
President -  Steve Shinstrom
President Elect - Rick Walter
Vice President - John Woodbery
Secretary - Dee Dee Rusnak
Treasurer - Patty Doherty    (Special thanks to Patty for stepping up!!!)
Club Service - Scott Rethke & Harry Wagoner
Community Service - Joanne Primavera
International Service - Brian Tucker
Vocational Service - James Nevers & Brandon Honcoop
The Annual District Conference will be April 21-23 in Portland.
Student of the Month
Our Student of the Month Isabella gave her talk.  She was actually born in Kirkland, then moved to Florida for a number of years, before moving back to Kirkland.  She has been involved with the anti-cancer activity Relay for Life for several years.  She also works with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. 
Let it be noted that Scott Rethke did NOT adhere to his normal dress code of conservative but stylish suit, shirt, and tie.  He was in sweat shirt, shorts, and athletic shoes??!!
Rick Walter collected Happy Dollars from lots of Happy Rotarians.
Jason Overleese introduced our speaker Daniel Liebertz, a plastic surgeon here at Carillon Point.  He spoke to us about steps to take to preserve good skin and facial health.  Avoid excess sun exposure, use sun block, don’t smoke, etc.
He also discussed the effect of aging on facial bone mass, especially in the jaw bone.  Facial muscles atrophy and gravity causes sag in the face.
He described various treatment options, types of sunscreens (physical and chemical), moisturizers, and the various surgical techniques available.
Ultraviolet rays come in two types – UVA (aging), and UVB (burning).  SPF ratings in sunscreens refer only to UVB and not UVA protection.  Anything over SPF 30 gives minimal additional protection.
To summarize – protect yourself against sun exposure, repair and rejuvenate skin after exposure.
He presented a bit of information about Botox – it lasts only about 3-4 months.  It works by freezing certain facial muscles that otherwise result in lines or wrinkles, especially on the forehead.
Dermal fillers are a way of substituting for lost bone and fat in the face, thereby reducing the appearance of lines and wrinkles.  Fillers last about 2-5 years
The meeting was adjourned at 7:30PM
Respectfully Submitted
Acting Scribe - David Aubry