Posted by Margie Glenn on Jul 11, 2019
JULY 8, 2019
July 8, 2019-Kirkland Rotary Dinner Meeting was called to order by President John Woodbery at 6:30 PM.
The flag salute was led by George Anderson.
Meeting Greeter was Tricia Stromberg
The inspirational moment was provided by Ernie Norehad. The topic was Experience.
The following visitors were present:
Todd Dentor, Jacob’s Father
Barry Long, Speaker for the evening
Entita Ogada, Past President from Kenya
Rod Moore, John’s son-in-law and Barry’s business partner
Club announcements include:
  1.     James Nevers-Duck Dash Chair
    1.     Duck Branding Night is July 22, 2019 at Lee Johnson offices, 11845 NE 85th Way in Kirkland
    2.     Turn in sales proceeds and ticket receipts to Joanne Primavera as soon as possible during your sales efforts
    3.     Rick Walter announced that he will be out of town on Sunday, July 28th and will, therefore, be unavailable to randomize and announce the winner of the dash. If Excel does not scare you, contact Rick as soon as possible to get orientation to the program and procedures for the day of the Dash, Sunday, July 28th.
    4.     Duck Dash supplies, i.e. table, chairs, table cover, prop ducks, can be picked up at AND LEFT OFF at Steve Shinstrom’s office, 525 Kirkland Way.
  1.     Post-Duck Dash Social- Annual Salmon Bake Monday, August 26, 2019 at Brandon Honcoop’s house.
Happy Dollars were collected by Rick Walter
Speaker-Barry Long, Realtor, Real Estate Sorftware Developer, Public Speaker
Program Topic: Career Decisions &  How Careers Change with Life Circumstances
Summary of Program:
  •        Barry started his career in Alaska at age 18 with a builder who liked the fact that Barry had no experience in anything so far in his young life.
  •        At 22, youthful exuberance and accompanying hubris, turned into physical trauma for Barry. A motorcycle accident on a familiar route, changed Barry’s mobility opportunities.
  •        Out of this accident, Barry developed goal setting abilities from which he believes everyone can benefit.
  •        Goals are more than a list on paper. Goals plus taking action are the only way to accomplish anything in life. Barry strongly believes, we can accomplish anything we desire if we take action on our desires.
  •        Hand-in-hand with goals, it is imperative that we learn to ask for and to accept help
Big lesson-we do not do anything by ourselves
  •        Barry developed two notable programs out of his own experiences:
    1.     Think First Program-Injury prevention education
    2.     Real Estate Multiple Listing information about special needs features in homes for sale and availability of facilities in the area of homes for sale
Barry entertained, made us laugh and inspired us all to take a different view of our lives, goals, actions and need for help every day of our lives.
The meeting was adjourned at 7:30 PM.
Respectfully submitted:
Margie Glenn
Scribe for July 8, 2019 Kirkland Rotary Meeting
Hello fellow Rotarians.  Bob Webb had computer problems so I got these minutes to Steve's address to learn he is away for a while so here they are:
Our speaker Monday is Barry Long whose topic is mentioned below.
The meeting was called to order at 6:30 PM by newly inducted President John Woodbery. Our greeter tonight was Monica Fratita, the front desk ably manned by John Pruitt and Rick Ostrander the flag salute was led by Ambareen Jaddi, the inspiration moment was given by President John Woodbery with six short prayers that demonstrated qualities like faith, hope, attitude and so forth.
Our only visitor was former member Angela Marks who came especially to hear Bill Woods speak.  For announcements James Nevers brought us up to speed on the Duck Race preparations and place an urgent request for sellers at the parade on the 4th and at the Wednesday Market and QFC.  The duck race is less than a month away.
Our program tonight was from Bill Woods a member of Rotary for 55 years. He first attended as a guest in 1955 but became a member in 1964.  There could in 1952 only be one member from a given profession then so Bill as the second pharmacist had a badge that he showed that read APOTHECARY.  Bill was mayor of Kirkland twice and the Rotary song leader for ten years, handing out a "Rotary song book used in that capacity way back then.  He reported that women were only permitted to be Rotarians after 1962.the first woman.  He commented on unusual projects like a 60 foot Christmas tree a member delivered to down town Kirkland and a hole was cut in the pavement and a near by crane lifted it into place where it was decorated much to the amazement of Kirklanders that Christmas. Bill commented on how the waterfront was cleaned up and made what it is today, an attraction to thousands each year. He and then fellow member Chuck Morgan worked together to collect funds to build the Kirkland Performance center, a key feature today of Kirkland.
There were many questions joyfully and informatively answered and Bill remained in his wheel chair for a solid round of applause.
The meeting was adjourned at 7:20 PM.
Bob Webb, Scribe by proxy
Steve: Upcoming programs:
July 8th   Barry Long motivation for people with physical handicaps
July 15th John Hansen, former police detective now private investigator to explain what the hidden life of crime is like
August 5th Open
August 12th Marilyn Rachel  The art of Alzheimer’s
August 19th  Eitan Teisor an Israeli tells us what it’s really like over there