Posted by James Nevers on Jun 12, 2017

President Scott Becker called the June 12, 2017 Rotary Club of Kirkland meeting to order at 6:30. Amy Mutal lead us in the Pledge. John Pruitt and Teri Ekert helped with the front desk. Patty Doherty was the greeter.


Guests this evening were Brandon Hencoop’s family, his wife Becca, and two daughters.




Board meeting will be at Rich Bergdahl’s office on Wednesday the 14th at 6:00. Please RSVP to Steve and Alice Volpe.


Rick Walter ( Head Duck) lead the discussion on the Duck Dash.

-          Wednesday Market will have two shifts. First from 1:45-4:30 and one from 4:30-7:00

-          We have a tent and table that can be retrieved from Steve Shinstrom’s office

-          Location will be by the pavilion and not by the bathrooms J

-          Everyone present received an initial packet of a stack of $20 tickets and a stack of $5 tickets. More tickets will be available at future meetings.

-          Prefer no credit cards and if necessary please keep above $40 and note that there are only 12 spaces for the credit card number so please write all 16 numbers.


-          Bob Webb is helping to coordinate locations to sell tickets and passed around signup sheets. Keep your eye out for additional emails regarding locations and selling opportunities. There is still the expectation to raise $500 from each member so get out and sell!!!


-          Drop off / Pick up tickets at Steve Shinstrom office



4th of July event

-          We need several volunteers and please coordinate with Steve Shinstrom and Rick Walter with your availability on the 4th.

Rick handed out several awards for the Duck Dash

-          Scott Becker- Super Human Sponsor Finder

-          Patti Smith – Top advisor of all things foul.

-          Anne Rethke- Nobel Prize in ticketery.


Family Picnic will be at Waverly Beach Park on July 17th.  More info to follow.


Salmon Bake will be at the Austlanders house again on August 21st.


Note that there are no Rotary meetings the 7th or 14th of August.  7th is the Duck Branding Party at Lee Johnson & the 14th is Duck Dash decompression night. 



Minutes taken by James Nevers