Posted by Mike Hunter on Mar 27, 2018

First off Special thanks to Mike Hunter for stepping in at the last minute to scribe.  We really need volunteers to take notes of the weekly meetings.


Rotary Club of Kirkland

Monday, March 26, 2018 Meeting

President Steve Shinstrom called the meeting to order at 6:30 PM.  Bob Webb led us in the Pledge. 


Alex Hopkins, our District Governor

Guadalupe Rosales – Student of the Month from Lake Washington High School, and her mother Guadalupe Acoltzi and Brittany, her sister

Wilma Bartel

Monica Fratita, visiting us again

Jadon Krewheder from Madison House

Mary Dawson from Madison House

Heather Jenks

Andy Runstadt

Rachel Brady, friend of our speaker

Bob Champoux, friend of our speaker

Inspirational Moment

President Steve enlightened us with a serious inspirational moment.

Student of the Month
Guadalupe gave us an enlightening and emotional speech about her accomplishments, her goals, and the story of her father’s eye injury that has prompted her to want to become a psychologist.  There was hardly a dry eye in the room and she ended to a standing ovation from the members and guests.
  • Tax Relief Day is April 16 at Café Veloce – Twenty two have signed up so far so be sure and get on the list
  • Alex Hopkins, District Governor, described the District Conference programs and speakers.  You have the option of just attending Saturday’s full day of programs.  Sign up on the District website
  • Ambareen Jaddi asked for volunteers to help set flags and clean up the Kirkland Cemetery over Memorial Day weekend.  An email will be coming this week with more details.
  • Patty Sims would like members to help with Miracle League at the first game on April 21 and the last game of the season on June 2.  She has volunteers for the rest of the games.
Polio Award Presentation
Alex Hopkins, District Governor, presented President Steve with a Polio Recognition Award for last year’s Club contribution to eradicate polio.
Dan Bartel introduced Dennis Haydon as a US Navy Academy graduate, Harvard Business School graduate, Cavalry officer in Viet Nam, corporate ‘fix-it’ guy, and now a teacher of business.
Dennis’s topic was “What About Business,” and for 30 minutes, he gave us insights into what makes business work in America.  From the largest to the smallest business, this machine makes our economy thrive.  This scribe took three pages of notes and Dennis passed around a The Quiz on business that describes the course he teaches.  If you are interested in Dennis’s business class, his email is
Thanks, Dennis, for an informative program that covered a brief history of business and gave us ideas so we can better understand why business is critical to our economy and well-being.
President Steve adjourned the meeting at 7:30 PM with his usual humorous comment.
Submitted by Mike Hunter, Scribe for the Week
1.  Monica Fratita - Sponsor - Amy Mutal - Classification - Impact Investor
2.  Bret O'Rourke - Sponsor - Steve Shinstrom - Classification - Program Director