Posted by John Woodbery on Nov 12, 2018
The meeting was called to order by President Rick Walter at 6:32 PM
The pledge of the flag was led by David Aubry.
Guests tonight were:
Scott East, Bellevue Rotary'
and our almost new member Jim Mennetti
Kyle Raychel, our Student of the Month
Bill Taylor was awarded our Rotarian of the Month for September, 2018 for his contribution in the Duck Dash
David Aubry announced the efforts of the Rotary Foundation in trying too find a vaccine or prevention of malaria and in cooperation with the Gates Foundation is concentrating on the area of Sub Saharan Africa
Terry Cole explained a new avenue for donations for tax deduction purposes under the new law that makes itemization less usable.
The Club Board meeting is this Wednesday night and President Rick asked for RSVP's so he could get the food supply right.
The club holiday party is to be held at the Heathman Hotel in Kirkland on December 3rd; our Treasurer would like us to prepay for the event;
Mike Hunter announced that the club members and volunteers helped prepare 24,000 lbs of pears for Rotary First Harvest and our club's volunteers, including our  Student of the Month Kyle Raychel, prepared an estimated 1,000 boxes in that effort;
Alice Volpe announced the Christmas/Holiday party will be held December 15th at the Kirkland Community Center;
Terri Ebert announced that the food boxes for kids is coming but the date is uncertain;
Terri Ebert led a collection from the club members happy for a variety of things form kids moving out, report that Bill Woods is improving,college team victories here and there, joy on finding things, remembrances of true or untrue things said, fabulous trip reports, or just happy to be here, healthy if not wealthy, but wise.
Our program tonight was a presentation by the American Cancer Society, Victoria Do and Eunice Hostetter.  They reported on the funds raised for research for cancer treatment and cures, the investment of some $6.5 billion has been granted in research from 1946 to date. Some of the  special programs offered are:  Mentorship Program, Hope Lodge, Making Strides Against Breast cancer, and Kirkland Paws for a Cause.
The other efforts are advocacy for legislation to curb tobacco use in youth by a petition to raise the legal age to purchase tobacco products. Efforts to reduce smoking have led to  a 26% decline in the cancer caused death rate.  There is an effort to advocate for a remedy that under Medicare  colonoscopy, a valuable tool to catch cancer early and cure it, is 100% included but if a polyp is found there is a $300.00 co-pay requirement that discourages poor seniors to get this valuable diagnostic tool used.
There were questions and comments from the audience but the report was well received.
President Rick presented a racing duck to the presenters, a $600.00 food donation in their name to Rotary First Harvest and a little time reminder gift.
President Rick concluded the meeting by quoting the words of President John F. Kennedy:  "As we express  our gratitude that highest appreciation is not the awards but to live by them:
The meeting was adjourned shortly after 7:30 PM
John Woodbery