The Rotary Club of Kirkland and the Lake Washington School District have established a partnership with Music4Life to provide donated-and-repaired musical instruments at no charge for use by local public school students who qualify for federal free and reduced-price meals.  For the past sixteen years, Music4Life has been ensuring that family income is not a barrier to music education by assuring that every student who wants to pursue instrumental music can do so.
Anyone wishing contribute a lovingly used trumpet, clarinet, violin, flute, or other musical instrument to the Lake Washington School District Chapter of Music4Life in may contact the Rotary Club of Kirkland’s youth service committee chair, Prof. Jocelyn Reiter Ellison. Those who want to support musical instruments for kids who can't afford them may visit the Music4Life website, or use the DONATE button on the Rotary Club of Kirkland's website home page.