The Rotary Club of Kirkland is proud to announce a significant gift of $11,700 to Kirkland Nourishing Network to support food for local Lake Washington School District students and their families.  As a part of the Rotary Club’s ongoing support for the Network, and in response to a call for help from the Kirkland Parks & Community Foundation, leaders of the Club’s Community Service Committee redirected $4,500, the International Service Committee redirected $3,700, and the Club’s partner Kirkland Rotary Foundation contributed $3,500 to make this special gift possible.
The Rotary Club of Kirkland annually raises funds to support the Greater Kirkland Community through projects such as the Great Puget Sound Duck Dash, and the Kirkland Rotary Foundation Auction.  The Club and individual members have a long history of donating to Kirkland Nourishing Network and providing Safeway gift cards for needy families.
In a note to Rotarians, Kirkland Nourishing Network spokesman Dave Asher reported the Network “already funded 3 rounds of gift cards to Kirkland school children and their families. The 4th round will be distributed on May 15.”  Asher continued, noting, “Each [round] we have seen increases in the numbers school counselors and teachers request.  So far, we have been able to keep up.  Actually, the community has continued to keep up.  We normally distribute food boxes to about 270 families during school breaks.  We are now up to about 560 families being supported in the 4th round.  These are the families that … will be those on the late end of the federal support.” The Rotary Club of Kirkland donation is expected to purchase the equivalent of 234 food boxes.
The Rotary Club of Kirkland encourages community members to help the fund by mailing a check to the Kirkland Parks & Community Foundation, 603 4th Ave., Suite 500, Kirkland WA 98033. Please include your name, mailing address, and email address, and indicate that the donation is to benefit KNN’s School Closure campaign. Or donors may donate through the Network’s website at
Photo courtesy of Kirkland Nourishing Network