Lake Washington High School
Hawetan Adugna says if you aren’t looking to have some fun cracking jokes or debating everything about life, you should rethink sitting by her; she’s all about fun!  Hawetan enjoys trying new things, and jokes that she never intentionally passes up a good meal or good time.  There is another part of her as well: she is a reserved person, often keeping to herself so as not to intrude or inconvenience others.  She realizes though, that discomfort can be good, creating change where change is needed.  Her goals are to graduate from a university, travel the world, make some films, debate, and to do her part in helping those who were dealt a tough hand.  She argues it doesn’t take an Einstein to influence good change, just a can-do attitude.  Hawetan earned the College Board’s Advanced Placement Scholar with Honor Award, and a Capstone Diploma for her performance in six Advanced Placement courses thus far.  She also participated in starting her high school’s new Black Student Union, and maintains involvement in ASB and Loyalty Club.  Hawetan is involved at her high school to improve how to better serve students at school, and also loves to volunteer at the YMCA.
Juanita High School
Emma Sammons describes herself as a 17-year-old aspiring nurse or teacher.  Her goal is to help people and make an impact on their lives.  She says the greatest challenge and impact on her life is my brother with Down syndrome.  She says that a major accomplishment in her life is seeing her brother grow and learn.  A personal accomplishment is successful academics, and personal satisfaction with success.  As a Student of the Month, Emma plans to give back to the community and make a bigger impact on local and global communities as well.  She feels that she will demonstrate “Service Above Self” to a great degree, and through her actions serve the public interest.