Lake Washington High School
At Lake Washington High School, Galen Heuer serves as National Honor Society president and vice president of operations for her DECA Chapter.  She volunteers on a weekly basis at Teen Feed, an organization that supports homeless youth in the Seattle area.  Additionally, she enjoys participating in Lake Washington’s Loyalty Club, Link Crew, and the swim team.  In pursuit of an Advanced Placement Capstone Diploma, Galen has taken nine Advanced Placement classes while maintaining a 4.0 grade point average.  She was also named a National Merit Semifinalist this year.  As someone who prefers to work independently, throughout her high school years she has challenged herself to try new experiences (such as DECA) which have taught her the value of teamwork.  By always striving to push herself out of her comfort zone, Galen continues her journey of personal growth and finds new ways to give back to her community.  She plans to study neuroscience in college and to pursue a career as a doctor or surgeon.  Galen aims to gain a global perspective on today’s issues through travel; and will continue to learn long after her school years are over in order to best create lasting change in the world.
Juanita High School
Claire Charvet is a high school senior who participates in her school’s Cambridge Program, and is actively involved in many clubs and leadership positions at her school.  Claire serves as secretary for her National Honor Society chapter, and is deeply involved in many clubs and activities including the theatre program, Model United Nations, and several others.  When not in school during the past few summers and some weekdays, Claire volunteers often at the Kirkland Hopelink Food Bank helping to distribute boxes of food to people.  Additionally, Claire has been a volunteer staff member for several Model United Nations Northwest conferences—such as PACMUN and KINGMUN—helping to plan committees, facilitate debate at these conferences, and allowing students in the area to grow in their interpersonal skills and knowledge of international relations.  After graduation, Claire hopes to go on to major in biochemistry.  Though she doesn’t specifically know what career path she hopes to follow, Claire is intrigued by possibilities such as research, pharmacology, neuroscience, and other related fields.