Lake Washington High School
Dedicated to STEM, with a passion for biological sciences, Lizzie Densmore has spent her scholastic career exploring these subjects both in and outside her classrooms, and is working toward her higher education in the field. Lizzie participated in a program where she derived stem cells from a skin biopsy within a lab, and differentiated them into cardiomyocytes and tested chemicals on breast cancer cells. Lizzie learned much about working in a lab, as well as the field in general under the guidance of her professor. She also participates in school leadership, utilizing her role to help others. As sophomore class secretary and junior class vice president, she helped integrate activities for introverts, the neurodivergent and easily overstimulated, into events usually planned by and catering to extreme extroverts. Despite an IgA deficiency diagnosis causing her constant sickness, fatigue, and increasing susceptibility to illnesses, Lizzie is working toward a career in medicine. She wants to help others and hopefully remove implicit bias from medicine, creating equitable healthcare for all. Although her medical issues may hinder, she works to overcome this barrier scholastically, and will continue to do so hoping to find a cure for herself and those with like issues.