Juanita High School
Monique Loos is a hardworking student who loves to give back to her community. She would like to finish her schooling and then go into the real estate business. One of the biggest challenges that she has faced is starting Running Start and then doing the whole year almost completely online. Along with being a runner and making varsity golf her sophomore year, she was a top cookie seller in the state in the Girl Scouts, having sold well over 3,000 boxes of cookies. She says she sold enough to make her troop $150, at 5ยข per box of cookies sold. Monique was a part of Girl Scouts for about ten years. She recalls her troop would take money from cookie sales to help out by giving back to the community; they would take earnings and buy supplies to make blankets and care kits, which would be donated to the homeless. The care kits would contain items like granola bars and personal hygiene products bought from the dollar tree. Monique and her fellow Scouts would go downtown and personally deliver the kits. She says seeing happy faces was extremely rewarding.