Emerson High School
Kylie Wasserman is a caring, compassionate person and self-driven student who is committed to her schoolwork. She ended the 2021-2022 school year with all A's and an Engagement Award in all her classes. She wants to get her high school diploma and attend a four-year college to study early childhood education. Kylie loves kids and helping people and wants to be able to make a difference in young children's lives and contribute to their development. She was lots of experience working with kids from working in the special education room in her middle school years and from her job. She currently works at a daycare/preschool as a classroom assistant. She has gone through some personal hardships in her life that have set her back, but it hasn't stopped her from pushing through and trying to build a happy life for herself. She is a competitive dancer who has put long and hard hours into working on routines with her teammates, which has been justified by awards and recognitions received by her team. Kylie cares deeply about her community and wants to help other students with similar experiences start overcoming their encounters and strive for a path of success.
Juanita High School
Clementine Nielsen is resilient. She strives to help the communities that she is a part of, both locally and internationally, and wants to better the places that she is in. She hopes to get a B.S. or master’s degree in either chemistry or in statistical analysis and be able to apply her knowledge to what is happening in the world. Her main goal is to work in a job that impacts others, while she continues to stay curious. Clementine’s curiosity helps to push her to volunteer, as well as to take many Advanced Placement classes. She has volunteered with the Rwanda Girls Initiative, and is the president of Period Club at Juanita High School to name a few of her extracurriculars. She wants to better where she is, and has through drives with Period Club, where they were able to donate many feminine hygiene products to Mary's Place, a local women's shelter in Seattle. Clementine is a resilient student and embodies the idea that practice makes progress.