Emerson High School
Gabriella Vazquez says she has given up on dreams that seemed too hard most of her life, keeping it real to who she is and not letting herself dream too big.  But, she wants to dream of the impossible. This year she has felt a sense of pride because she has never believed in herself and what she can accomplish more in her life. Gabriella has gone through so many phases of wanting to be people she saw as inspirational, but not what she wanted to do. She wants to do as much as she can now to help her community environmentally because nothing is being done to fix the world we live in. Coming back to school and now working at a new job, she says she can finally see where she wants to be in the future, and how she wants to help. Gabriella says she can now trust in herself that she will make it somewhere, that she will become exactly who she is in this life.