Lake Washington High School
Andy Alkin is a senior at Lake Washington High School who says he strives to be outgoing, friendly, caring throughout his daily life, and to get to know many different people in the local community. He has played Varsity Soccer all of his high school years, and he plays in a band for which he writes original songs. Andy plans to major in economics in college so he can create new financial mechanisms and applications such as micro-loans and budget planning to help people, especially the underprivileged, to overcome financial challenges. Participating in the local community is very important to him. Andy often volunteers in food drives, park cleanups, and youth camps. His family is from Ukraine, so when the war began Andy founded a non-profit, Youth Soccer for Peace.  He mounted a "Soccer For Ukraine" campaign and hosted soccer bootcamps that are donation-based for local children and free for refugees. The workshops provide soccer instruction and help refugee children integrate into the local community. Earnings from the campaign are helping build a soccer field for an orphanage in Ukraine and helping local refugees.