The Student of the Month program recognizes outstanding students attending three of the high schools within the Lake Washington School District. The program runs annually from October through May.  Students at each of the local high schools, Juanita, Emerson, and Lake Washington, are interviewed by a team of Rotarians.  A student chosen as a student of the month will then attend a Rotary Club of Kirkland meeting during the month for which he or she is selected.  Students of the month are introduced by a Rotary member during the first several meetings of the month.  Then the student is invited to deliver prepared remarks for 3 - 5 minutes.  Usually these remarks are about his or her key school and community accomplishments and higher education plans, and also include comments about hobbies, activities, family, thoughts about Rotary, and the like.  Each student of the month is presented a certificate commemorating the honor.
Students of the Month for 2020-21
Jack Tidd, May 2021, Juanita High School
Robin Ying, May 2021, Lake Washington High School
Emma Sammons, April 2021, Juanita High School
Hawetan Adugna, April 2021, Lake Washington High School
Kathleen Pham, March 2021, Juanita High School
Makena Weber, March 2021, Lake Washington High School
Isabel Grizzard, February 2021, Juanita High School
Jessica Laing, February 2021, Lake Washington High School
Claire Charvet, January 2021, Juanita High School
Galen Heuer, January 2021, Lake Washington High School
Soniyah Boun, December 2020, Juanita High School
Nelly Canul, December 2020, Lake Washington High School
Jessica Batzel, November 2020, Juanita High School
Ndidi Opara, November 2020, Lake Washington High School