Posted by Joanne Primavera on Jan 23, 2017
Meeting Date: Monday, January 23, 2017
The meeting is called to order by President Scott Becker, at 6:28 p.m.
The flag salute was led by Terri Ebert
Front Desk  Patti Smith
Introduction of Visitors:
Student of the Month:  Isabella Fercino
Other Visitors:   Patty Doherty introduced her friend, Minerva Butler
Club Announcements:
Community Service: 
Brandon Honcoop will send an email inviting the members to participate in the DECA competitions which will take place at the Meydenbauer Center in Bellevue on March 3.  DECA is a National High School program for students who are planning (or are) involved in business.  Members who sign up to participate should let Brandon know so he can have them assigned in a block.
Brian Tucker thanked those who participated in the Teen Feed at the Teen Union Building.  About 30 young people came to eat pizza and visit with the Rotarians.  The next Teen Feed will be in March
Ben Premack said 21 Kirkland Rotarians signed up to go to Northwest Harvest on February 11.  Carpoolers will meet at the Houghton Park and Ride.
Scott Becker announced the club provided $1,000 to help sponsor the Teen CEO competition on March 11.  As of now, nine LWHS students have signed up to participate.
Joanne Primavera sent around a thank you card from a young person from the Friends of Youth Totem Lake New Ground program who had received a $100 gift certificate to Ross as a Christmas present.
Duck Dash
Rick Walter, this year’s Head Duck, implored club members to sign up to help with the Duck Dash.  At this time, Scott Becker and his committee are finding Sponsors and businesses to provide coupons.  The tickets will be sent to the printer on May 5 and the kick-off will be June 5.  If you have anyone who wishes to be a sponsor or provide a coupon, please let Rick or Scott know.
The Race will be held at Summerfest, the week of August 12-13.
Special Announcements:
There will be an article about the Rotary Club of Kirkland in the next Kirkland Living Magazine.
Amy Mutal presented Terri Ebert with her Blue Badge.  Congratulations, Terri.
Liliana Alberto, MD, a Rotarian from Argentina, and Joyce Shaffer, PhD have joined forces to start a Brain Health Rotary Action Group.  By forming this Action Group, Liliana and Joyce hope to help Rotarians promote Brain Health to prevent or delay all forms of Dementia.
It’s been estimated that a new case of dementia is diagnosed every 7 seconds and is one of the greatest challenges we face around the globe. 
At this time, neuroscience is on the cutting edge to find ways to improve brain chemistry and performance.  Eating healthy meals, exercising, getting enough sleep, socializing, and learning new ideas and skills help promote brain health.  Contrary to ‘old wives tales,’ the brain can continue to expand throughout one’s life. 
The meeting was adjourned at 7:38 p.m.
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Joanne Primavera