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Service Above Self

We meet Mondays at 6:15 PM
Woodmark Hotel
1200 Carillon Point
Kirkland, WA  98033
United States
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Amy Mutal
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Rotary Meeting Minutes January 28, 2019
The meeting was called to order at 6:30 PM by President Rick Walter. 
Elizabeth Rusnak led us in the Pledge of Allegiance.
Rick Ostrander manned the front desk.
Our Greeters were Scott Rethke and Monica Fratita
President Rick gave us a bit of humor with an “old people” joke.
Visitors and Introductions:
Elizabeth Rusnak introduced Nick Handfelt, a Senior at Juanita High, who is our Student of the Month, and his parents, Catherine and Mark.  Nick will give his ‘talk’ tonight.
Monica Fratita introduced Erin, a Visiting Rotarian from Port Townsend, who is apparently moving to Kenmore.

President Elect John called the meeting to order on behalf of President Rick who is traveling.


James Nevers, VP led us in the salute to the flag.


There being no guests or visiting Rotarians, we had a series of Ernie Norehad  stories orchestrated by Joanne Primavera's thumbs up or down signs.


Moving quickly along, the program tonight was an entertaining report of fellow members Bill Taylor and Mike Hunter doing a local version of a Rick Steves report on an Italy wine country tour obtained by Mike Hunter at a Woodinville auction which Mike and Sharon had  shared (no pun intended) the trip with Bill and Sandy Taylor.

While the town and region names were hard to follow, much less remember, the mental  image of a "Tom Tom" GPS device that never seemed to find the place directed to but gave "turn here" signals forcefully whether directionally successful or not.   Memories are made of this trip with words like a "Nest" where they rested in comfort and with beautiful scenery at a region that sounded like a pizza.  Wine shops with $2.00 per bottle wines were relished and how many sober nights there were, was soberly not mentioned.  A little down town market of everything to purchase in your imagination and somehow 200 vans entered the confusing picture.  In one of these charming places, Bill and Sandy did not sleep well because the local town men gathered under their window smoking and talking Italian until the wee wee hours.  From beautiful and majestic old walled cities, walls no longer needed for protection, the  Kirklanders  walk  among local folk was transformed by toll roads they finally figured how to use,  joined the locals at unimaginable speeds as  they moved on the Cinque Terre (fixed by editor).  There apparently they found a familiar restaurant that sounded like MacDonald's  and at another place they dined at Dino's which they enjoyed very much. From there it was on to Milan where they stayed in a hotel called a"Moxi" (either a type or a name, possibly from the Marriott system?) They found another "Moxi" in a place that sounded like  Nashville.  After arriving in Milan they turned in the rental car and used taxis like every body else. There was a beautiful and huge Cathedral they enjoyed.  Apparently you had to check your weapons with an attendant at the gate so Mike dutifully handed over his pocket knife.  Whether he got it back or not was not made clear in the account.  From Milan, they took high speed trains to Rome on which they had reserved seats but somehow an Italian lady of about age 85 had one of them but the ride was shared with her  without incident. From Rome they flew home, Mike and Sharon via London and back to Seattle.  Bill and Sharon took another route  and with coach class seats were uncomfortable enduring the long flight back home.  Pictures of the tour were passed out for the audience to enjoy the beauty of the places they visited.


President Elect  Woodbery handed each a fine bottle of Italian wine in appreciation for a great program


At the end of things, President Elect Woodbery displayed a poster of the Palouse plain created by a former speaker as photographer of nature Bruce Heinemann , using a line underneath it from a poem John and his sister had written together and  shared at his program that read: " A palette of brushless light, as used by the maker of all life, as in a dance as the imagination takes flight."  One of the posters was sent to John's sister in Texas and the other displayed at the meeting tonight.  In a thank you letter to Bruce, John wrote: "May your pursuit of the capture of art God created and provides us in nature; continue to bless those of us who can only appreciate beauty by observation"


The meeting concluded at about 7:30.


John Woodbery


Rotary Meeting Minutes January 7, 2019
The meeting was called to order at 6:30 PM by President Rick Walter. 
Jason Overleese led us in the Pledge of Allegiance.
John Pruitt manned the front desk.
Our Greeters were Patty Sims and Monica Fratita
Good crowd tonight in spite of the weather and the football game on TV.
President Rick gave us a bit of humor with a joke.
Visitors and Introductions:
Patty Sims introduced Cheryl Guenther of Jefferson House, a guest of Amy Mutal.   Elizabeth Rusnak introduced Nick Handfelt, a Senior at Juanita High, who is our Student of the Month.
Brandon Honcoop gave an International Foundation Minute which turned out to be an award presentation to your humble scribe who has unknowingly attained the status of Paul Harris Fellow Plus 2.
Jason Overleese inducted Kristin Olson, sponsored by John Woodbery, as our newest member.
Dan Bartell announced that our next Rotary First Harvest work party will be March 9.  Carpooling will be from the Houghton Park-and-Ride about 8AM.
Patti Smith asked if anyone had done any trash pick-up work on or segment of the Cross Kirkland Corridor in the last six months of 2018.  John Pruitt volunteered that he often walks there and does pick up debris.
Joe Getzendanner reported on his ‘Polar Bear Plunge’ which through great personal sacrifice, as in COLD, raised over $1800 for our Warm Coats program.
Dave Aubry reported on progress on our CKC Project.  The Kirkland Parks Foundation went life today in their effort to fund the cottonwoods removal and Native Plants portion of the project.  Dave will send out an email so everyone can see how it is progressing.
Scott Becker introduced our speaker, Dr Jane Stavem, the new Lake Washington Schools Superintendent.  She gave us a short biography – she is from Nebraska and has been a teacher and principal in public schools for many years.  She believes her personal strengths are a good fit for the District. 
She discussed plans for the future in several areas, centering on educating and graduating kids to prepare them for the future.  In 2018 the District set a record, graduating 93.6% of kids. That still means that a number of kids did not graduate and she would like to correct that omission. 
The District enrollment has grown by 26% in the past ten years; she discussed solutions to cope with this growth, both common and uncommon solutions.
The meeting was adjourned by President Rick at 7:37PM
Respectfully Submitted
Acting Scribe - David Aubry
Rotary Meeting- Dec 17, 2018
Meeting called to order 6:30pm
President: Rick Walters
David Mutal: The Pledge
Guest in attendance- None
Rotary Foundation
  • Dave Aubry and Brandon Hancoop “Special night for Rotary” presented Bob Webb with Paul Harris Fellow pin one plus 6.
  • We have a new duck! Joe G. will use old duck for Polar Bear Plunge on New Year’s Day 1pm at Marina park. Calling on all members to join. Money raised will help fund warm coats for kids. Please see email GoFundMe” link from Joe to contribute. Goal is to raise $1500.
  • Rick Walter announces DECA competition in January. Looking for judges. See Rick for more information.
  • Happy Dollars to raise $ for Woodmark staff for the Holidays. We raised just over $500.
  • Dr.Glen Curda from Overlake Medical Center. Current member and past President of Bellevue Rotary. Discussion on Common foot problems “the foot is a work of art” and debunking common myths.
Meeting close
  • Rick presents thank you gift to Dr Glen Curda.
  • No meetings for next three week. Next meeting January 7th.
Meeting Adjourned 7:40pm
Minutes by: Amy Mutal


Minutes for 12/10/18 Rotary meeting


James Nevers took over for Rick Walter and started the meeting promptly at 6:30


John and Rick did an excellent job manning the front desk


Joe led us in the Pledge

James did his own Scribing


James preformed an abbreviated induction for our newest member Jim Mennetti.


Reminder for this weekend’s 2018 Rotary Kinds Holiday Party – be sure to keep an eye out for email from Amy. If you know of anyone else who is able to attend they can use the help!


Big thanks to Amy for overseeing a great Rotary Holiday party at the Heathman hotel last week.


Joe reminded everyone that in an attempt to raise funds for Rotary Foundation he will be dressing up in the duck costume and jumping into the lake during the Polar Bear plunge. Keep an eye out for his email and the link to donate.


Tonight’s speaker was Bruce Heinemann who shared a beautiful presentation on his photography across the US and focused on Washington landscapes.



Thank you to our guests, David and Ivanka who are new to the area and looking to join a Rotary Club. Also Kristin Olson an Attorney with offices in Carillon Point was visiting as a guest of John Woodbury and Dave DeBois. She too is looking to get involved in Rotary



Meeting adjured at 715.

The meeting was started with a greeting from Kirkland Rotary President Rick Walter.

John Pruitt led us in the Pledge of Allegiance.

Greeters were Don Dicks and Scott Becker – Front Desk was John Pruitt and Rick Ostrander.

President Rick used the Rotary Moment to quiz the membership on who the first four Rotarians were who attended the very first meeting in Chicago – of course there was Paul Harris – nobody knew Gustave Loehr, Silvester Schiele or Hiram Shorey. However, the club did know the next four Rotary Chapters that opened after Chicago – San Francisco, Oakland, Seattle and Los Angeles.

Guests at our meeting were Chris Rusnak, former member and husband of DeeDee. We had Kristin Olson, an attorney in Kirkland who knows many of the Rotarians and is interested in joining. Joseph Castleberry, President of Northwest College came to the meeting as a special guest of our speaker.

Rotary International Foundation presentation by both Dave Aubry and Brandon Honcoop the co-chairs: Dave started out by informing the chapter about RI’s WASH imitative (Wash, Sanitation, Hygiene). This is an education campaign to teach the basic necessities for a healthy environment and productive life. Rotary Foundation has invested in more than 1,000 WASH projects in more than 100 countries. Brandon discussed Rotary Foundation Month and all of the good works of the Foundation and encouraged members to use their “Treasure” to help others around the world – and at home thru District Grants.

The meeting was called to order by President Rick Walter at 6:32 PM
The pledge of the flag was led by David Aubry.
Guests tonight were:
Scott East, Bellevue Rotary'
and our almost new member Jim Mennetti
Kyle Raychel, our Student of the Month
Bill Taylor was awarded our Rotarian of the Month for September, 2018 for his contribution in the Duck Dash
David Aubry announced the efforts of the Rotary Foundation in trying too find a vaccine or prevention of malaria and in cooperation with the Gates Foundation is concentrating on the area of Sub Saharan Africa
Terry Cole explained a new avenue for donations for tax deduction purposes under the new law that makes itemization less usable.
The Club Board meeting is this Wednesday night and President Rick asked for RSVP's so he could get the food supply right.
The club holiday party is to be held at the Heathman Hotel in Kirkland on December 3rd; our Treasurer would like us to prepay for the event;
Mike Hunter announced that the club members and volunteers helped prepare 24,000 lbs of pears for Rotary First Harvest and our club's volunteers, including our  Student of the Month Kyle Raychel, prepared an estimated 1,000 boxes in that effort;
Alice Volpe announced the Christmas/Holiday party will be held December 15th at the Kirkland Community Center;
Terri Ebert announced that the food boxes for kids is coming but the date is uncertain;
Rotary Club of Kirkland
Monday, November 5, 2018 Meeting
President Rick Walter called the meeting to order at 6:30 PM.  Tricia Stromberg led us in the Pledge. 
Kyle Raychel, Student of the Month from Juanita High School
Cathy Silva, Silva Business Solutions, guest of Scott Becker
Kristin Olson, attorney from Kirkland
Sarah Smooots, assistant to our speaker, Elliott Neff
Jim Mennetti
  • Dave Aubry updated the Club on efforts to wipe out Polio, and he reminded us that November is Foundation Month.
  • Amy Mutal asked us to sign up for the Holiday Party at the Heathman at 6:00 PM on December 3rd. Free Valet parking is available, and wine & beer are included with our dinners.
  • Brandon Honcoop thanked everyone who helped with the Warm Coats project this year; three schools were included and over 100 coats were given to needy children.
  • David Mutal reminded us of the Holiday Gift Party on December 15th:  Shopping at Fred Meyer, breakfast, and a visit with Santa while the gifts are wrapped! Let David know where you want to help.
  • John Woodbery announced a work party at First Harvest in Kent this coming week-end, November 10th.  Meet at 8:00 AM at the Houghton Park and Ride for carpooling to Kent.  Work will be completed by 11:30 and we’ll have lunch!
  • Steve Shinstrom has postponed Bunco until the spring (it was set for December 1st).
Rotary Meeting October 22, 2018  
Stand in for Rick Walter, John Woodbery 
Meeting stated at 6:35 pm 
Scribe Amy Mutal 
Greeter Terri Ebert  
Guests: Alan Merry Governor District 5030 
Chelsea Tripp Asst. Governor  
Pledge-George Anderson  
  • Amy Holiday Party date moved to December 3rd at The Heathman 
  • Brandon - leftover platters & bowls from Salmon Bake claim if yours  
  • Rick O. - Happy Dollars for KPC in honor of Bill Woods 
Further Donations for KPC in honor of Bill Woods, please get to Rick Ostrander
President Rick greeted everyone and brought the meeting to order.
Diana Lanspa led us in the pledge of allegiance.
We recognized two “kinda” visitors – Jim Meniketti and Dacia Tudor who both have submitted applications of membership. We are very excited to have these two as Rotarians.
President Rick gave us a Rotary Moment – about a Rotaract in Brazil who saw the power of Rotary when delivering warm clothes to the homeless.
Announcements - 
  • Warm Coats for kids – October 19th 10am to 12:30pm – John Muir Elementary – they need volunteers to assist – talk with Joanne or Brandon.
  • NW Harvest work party on November 10 – drive there or meet up in Kirkland – great fellowship – looking for 10 volunteers – usually a lunch afterwards – contact Dan for more info.
  • DeeDee is looking for volunteers to vet the student of the months – this is happening on October 17th – let her know if you are available.
  • Our Bunco party has been rescheduled for December 1st – hope everyone can make it.
  • The Rotary holiday party is going to be on the 10th of December and we are still looking at Venues!
  • The Rotary Kids event with Fed Meyer and Santa will be the 15th of December – See David Mutal for additional information.
  • This day in Rotary – Ketchikan, AK become the $2,000 club in Rotary.
President Rick called the meeting to order at 6:30 PM.  He thanked Tricia and Russ Stromberg for welcoming and Rick Ostrander and John Pruitt for front desk work.
Al Hoviland, only 6 weeks after a left total knee replacement led the Pledge of Allegiance. 
After the Pledge President Rick awarded our Rotarian of the month to Joe Getzendanner.
VISITING ROTARIANS AND GUESTS  Guests included  Jacquie Coyan (member of Rotary Club of Kirkland Downtown) and her husband Rod, friends of our speaker tonight, Chris and Luan Carlisle (Chris is tonight's speaker), Clement Buchanan, Angela Marks  and Jim Meniketti.
Kathy Flemming
Feb 25, 2019
Executive Director of Attain Housing
Blaine Millet
Mar 11, 2019
President of work of mouth on Steriods
March Madness
Apr 08, 2019
NCAA Basketball Title Game
Apr 20, 2019 6:00 PM
American Style Bunco... Taxes are done and we need a party. Come in your best Red, White & Blue!
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